Roof walkway matting in PVC material for all weather access

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Impermeable in all weathers, Crossgrip is highly specialised matting system for flat roofs, gantries and high level walkways, which provides continuous safe access to essential roof top services for maintenance.

When laid flat, it will remain stable in winds up to 60 mph-96 km/h*.

Crossgrip, which is also impact resistant in extremely cold climates, is constructed from non-porous PVC in a unique design of special cross directional top ribs with a ‘diamond cut’ surface to give permanent slip resistance and a surer underfoot grip in a wide range of high level applications. The effective combination of an open grid format and 14 mm (9/16") above ground height enables self-draining and makes Crossgrip at its most efficient wherever water collects or puddles may occur.

Once installed, Crossgrip PVC, which is resistant to bacterial growth and only requires minimal periodic maintenance, such as cleaning and visual inspection for damage or movement, will remain effective for the life of the roof covering below. Compatible with vinyl roofing membranes, the product additionally gives continuous protection to roofing membranes from damaging weather, pedestrian traffic, tools and machinery.

Another major advantage is that Crossgrip is quick and easy to install. The flexibility of the product ensures that it will contour to uneven surfaces or imperfections in the roof structure, which are common where new membrane systems are laid over old ones.

Read more about Crossgrip's development and testing by clicking here.

*Loose laid it is wind stable at 60mph (96 km/h) and wind tunnel tested at 94mph (150 km/h).

Crossgrip PVC Line drawing

Crossgrip PVC roll

Crossgrip PVC line drawing

Plastex Crossgrip PVC roll

Standard colours:

crossgrip pvc grey colour crossgrip pvc black colour
Light Grey Black

Product Height mm (in) Length m (ft) Width options cm (in)
Crossgrip 14 (9/16") 10 (33') 60 (2') 91 (3') 122 (4')

Ancillaries Picture Description
Connector clips connector clipsconnector clips Dual purpose and Side to end (pack of 10)
Snap Track snap track Integral welded flexible vinyl "Snap Track". Available in 14mm and 10mm heights. Supplied in 1,8m length (6') + welding paste.
Colour: Dark Grey
Flexible PVC edging PVC edging 6cm 6cm x 10.1m (2 1/2" x 33').
2 rolls per pack + welding paste.
Colours: Dark Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Oxford Blue, Holly Black, Yellow.
Floor hooks floor hooks small Supplied in packs of 10 with fixing screws and plugs.


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