The all-in-one 'scrape, clean and dry' entrance flooring system

Internationally acclaimed for its outstanding performance, Frontrunner Plus, with its unique duo of benefits, keeps internal floors clean and dry by removing both moisture and dirt from shoes and wheels as they enter buildings. It is a truly superior all-in-one interior entrance flooring system.

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By using Frontrunner Plus alone, or with other Frontrunner products, even the busiest pedestrian traffic flow areas will look their best, whilst internal floorings remain protected thus reducing cleaning costs. Purpose designed for interior use, Frontrunner Plus is both slip resistant and wheelchair friendly. A choice of over 80 colour combinations offers the exact mix of aesthetic elegance and superior performance.

Used extensively in retail, commercial, educational and healthcare entrance areas, Frontrunner Plus will complement any internal design scheme.

Frontrunner Plus's open grid vinyl construction, effectively removes and retains soil and moisture from underfoot, is heel proof, will not impede walking sticks and prevents 'judder' of wheeled traffic.

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The positioning of the scraper bars on Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System can be varied to allow the incorporation of a logo panel.

The system is of one-piece vinyl construction and is therefore both quiet underfoot and ideal for use in conjunction with under floor security systems.

Available in standard 14mm grid height and also in low profile 10.5mm height, which allows it to fit quickly and seamlessly with current flooring.

Frontrunner Plus Line drawing

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frontrunner plus line drawing

frontrunner plus product shot

Standard grid colours:

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frontrunner blue grid frontrunner brown grid frontrunner grey grid frontrunner green grid frontrunner black grid
Oxford Blue Dark Brown Dark Grey Holly Green Black

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Product Height mm (in) Length m (ft) Width options cm (ft)
Frontrunner Plus 14/16 (35/64"-5/8") 10 (33') 60 (2') 91 (3') 120 (3'11")
Frontrunner Plus Low Profile 10.5/12 (13/32"-1/2") 10 (33') 60 (2') 91 (3') 120 (3'11")

Surface mounted ancillaries Picture Description
Aluminium ramp aluminium ramp Supplied with fixing screws and plus for permanent fixing.
Snap Track snap track Integral welded flexible vinyl "Snap Track". Available in 14mm and 10mm heights. Supplied in 1,8m length (6') + welding paste.
Colour: Dark Grey
Connector clips side to side connector clips Side to side (pack of 10)
Flexible PVC edging flexible pvc 6cm edgingflexible pvc edgingflexible pvc edging Standard and low profile rolls, 10cm, 6cm or 5cm x 10.1m (4", 3" or 2" x 33'). 2 rolls per pack + welding paste.
Colours: Dark Grey or Black

Recessed ancillaries Picture Description
Edge 'R' aluminium ramp For left and right extremities of well to cap and secure ends of 14mm/10.5mm matting.
Edge 'Z' snap track Used for left and right extremities of 10.5mm matting in conjunction with ceramic tiles.
Edge 'H' connector clips Used as “an invisible divider” for front to back installations of 14mm/10.5mm matting.
Edge 'L' flexible pvc edging For circular door and nonrectangular installations of 14mm matting.
Edge 'R' aluminium ramp For left and right extremities of well to cap and secure ends of 14mm/10.5mm matting.
Edge 'U' snap track A front to back frame or divider used with 14mm/10.5mm matting.
Edge 'T/TL' connector clips Frames of different widths used as dividers for large left to right installations of 14mm matting.
Edge 'J' flexible pvc edging For left and right extremities of well to cap and secure ends of 14mm matting when against a wall.


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