Lightweight plastic matting of tubular construction

pillomat cushion matting on a bench top

Pillomat is an all-purpose cushioned matting of tubular construction with air-filled hollow sections providing a lightweight working surface matting solution, which is ideal for a wide variety of industries - from food retailing to general manufacturing where it is widely used on bench tops. The impact resistant nature of this product is a bonus wherever valuable components, tools or other items are stored or handled. It is also extremely effective as a lining for shelving and compartments.

Continual air flow and fluid drainage is enabled by the open grid format of Pillomat, whilst its smooth non-porous surface is hygienic and easy to clean. Additionally it acts as a noise free covering, resists chemicals, oils and acids and is quick and easy to install.

Pillomat Line drawing

Pillomat roll

pillomat line drawing

Plastex pillomat rolls

Standard colours:

pillomat beige swatch pillomat mahogany swatch pillomat green swatch pillomat white swatch
Beige Mahogany Green White

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Product Height mm (in) Length m (ft) Widths cm (ft)
Pillomat 8 (5/16") 10 (33') 60 (2') 91 (3')


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