Plastex Matting - a brief history

Cutting-edge, continually evolving new product technologies and effective solutions for multiple-applications, supported by 24-hour manufacturing and worldwide sales distribution, keep Plastex, established for 50 years, at the forefront of the matting and flooring industry.


Founded in 1962, Plastex is an independent, second generation, family run business with US and UK production sites. Originating in the UK as a general plastic extrusion manufacturer, the company began to specialize in the design and manufacture of its own products in the early 1970s and consequently established the Strapping and Matting divisions of Plastex Extruders Limited.

To support the expansion of its highly successful matting business, Plastex Matting Inc. (USA) was founded in 1997, providing a second production site in Alabama to augment manufacture for the North American Market and a base for the strategic development of this rapidly growing part of the business.


Today Plastex (UK) is ISO 9001 accredited since 1993 to ensure quality, has a Group annual turnover of $19.5m (12m/15m) and 80 employees, many of whom have long service records with the company.

A driving force in the industry, Plastex remains committed to the development and manufacture of leading edge products that meet legislative, safety and high performance criteria, with a matting range that is one of the most comprehensive available. It includes over 40 distinctive products with differing performance characteristics to meet the various demands of diverse applications. Amongst these technically advanced, highly durable products are light to heavy duty mattings with superior soil removal and liquid drainage, the highest rated slip resistant and proven anti-fatigue products, together with barefoot and wet area products and specialist ranges that provide exceptional matting solutions for global industries.