Patented foam construction with superior resilience


During prolonged standing the normal cyclic muscle contractions, which circulate the blood around the body, are put under strain as the muscles contract to keep the person standing.

Zed Land is a highly effective, anti-fatigue matting made from patented high molecular density foam which induces natural muscle flexing to relieve the common symptoms of standing fatigue.

It is designed to significantly improve the well being of employees who stand regularly at their work by increasing comfort and reducing tiredness. As a result it will also boost productivity and enhance the performance of workers whose role regularly involves lengthy periods of standing.

This high quality foam has continuous resilience and long lasting wear properties that exceed comparable products making it a hard wearing and outstanding performer in general standing locations. The ‘bounce’ properties of the product are equally long lasting and not only add to underfoot comfort but also protect components that are accidentally dropped.

The surface of Zed Land matting will not deaden and is tested to ASTM D4060. On a typical example only minimal wear is shown after 2000 taber abrador cycles. The product also has noise reducing qualities and comes in roll format or convenient cut lengths.

Zed Land Line drawing

Zed Land side profile

zed_land plus line drawing

zed_land plus product shot

Standard colours:

zed_land grey surface zed_land black surface
Dark Grey Blue

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Product Height mm (in) Module size options cm (ft) Roll size option
Zed Land 9 (3/8") 60 x 91
(2' x 3')
91 x 150
(3' x 5')
91 x 300
(3' x 10')
18m roll x 91cm
(60' x 3')

Ancillaries Picture Description
Snap Track
(10mm height)
snap track Integral welded flexible vinyl low profile "Snap Track" (10mm height). Supplied in 1,8m length (6') + welding paste.
Colour: Dark Grey


key features
slip_resistance wear_resistance fatigue_reduction fluid_drainage multi_purpose electrical_resistance
additional benefits
component_protection noise_reduction
product documents
pdficon Foam mats Product Data Sheet
pdficon Zed Land leaflet

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