Global manufacturer Technical Fibre Products needed a slip resistant surface that could also dissipate large volumes of excess liquid.

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Technical Fibre Products


An extra-aggressive, slip-resistant surface with the ability to quickly drain large volumes of liquid.



The problem

Global manufacturer Technical Fibre Products make high performance non-woven materials for a range of uses, including fire protection, thermal insulation and power storage. Its unique wet-laid production process means large volumes of fluid can often seep onto the production floor, as well as other corrosive industrial materials. TFP needed a matting solution that could cover a large area, keep workers safe from slipping on unwanted debris, as well as cope with the heavy-duty demands of a fast-moving manufacturing environment.

The checklist
  • Quickly drains and dissipates large volumes of liquid
  • Provides the highest slip resistance
  • Tough, resilient and impermeable to corrosive industrial materials
  • Easy to roll for regular cleaning
The solution

After stress testing several different products, Flexigrid was far and beyond the best solution for the problem. Its elevated 3/4" height meant any hazardous matter could be quickly dispersed and drained, while the diamond tread surface delivered added traction and certified slip resistance.

The one-piece covering means the matting can be loose laid for quick installation, and easily rolled up to facilitate regular cleaning. And because it's made from non-porous PVC, Flexigrid repels oils, acids and chemicals, making it ideal for a manufacturing environment like TFP.

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“We asked a distributor for several different mattings to solve our particular problem. Once we laid them side-by-side and recreated the stresses and demands they'd be subjected to, Flexigrid proved to be the best solution by far. We’ve installed it in the factory in several areas, and are delighted with the result.”
Steve Cornell, works engineer, Technical Fibre Products
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Product spotlight


Extra-aggressive matting capable of withstanding even the toughest environments, Flexigrid is ideal for workplaces where spillages and debris are an issue.

Flexible formats

Comes in 16'6" and 33" rolls and ramped modules

Quick installation

Roll out and cut to fit on site; contours to uneven surfaces

Simple to maintain

Easy to clean with a high pressure hose

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