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Why fall-through matting?

Whether you're dealing with dirt, snow, food waste or metal shards, debris can be a real hazard in the workplace.

Debris can come in all forms: offcuts from production processes, food waste, metal shards, plus dirt, stones and other outside debris that's regularly tracked in by shoes and wheels.

Our fall-through matting is the perfect defence against debris. The etched surface ensures slip resistance, while the open-grid, welded PVC construction allows debris to fall through, keeping the standing areas and walkways free from any potentially hazardous material.

From industrial workplaces like factories, assembly lines and welding stations to commercial environments with high pedestrian traffic, our matting suits a huge range of environments.

We have external and internal entrance matting to stop dirt in its tracks; elevated matting designed to combat waste from production processes; wide grid matting for greasy and grimy environments; cushioning matting to protect delicate components and surfaces; and interlocking tiles designed to seamlessly cover large areas.


Plastex Frontrunner: Stop dirt at the door

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“Trackgrip has been very successful in fulfilling this complicated brief. The combination of slip resistance, comfort and yellow edging makes this an attractive and effective solution.”


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