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Why matting for surface protection?

Our matting features a flexible vinyl construction, which means the surface below is protected from damage, and the impact of falling or dropped items is absorbed.

Whether you're looking to protect your surfaces from daily wear and tear or prevent damage from dropped items, our matting is the ideal protective barrier for a wide variety of applications.

It can be used to protect existing flooring from grease, grime and other hazardous materials, such as as in garages, workshops, assembly areas and walkways. It's also an ideal lining for surfaces where items are likely to be heavy or dropped, such as on roofs and work zones, and along work stations and benches.

Resilience and durability are the hallmarks of our surface protection matting, which is designed to withstand heavy weights and daily wear and tear. Choose between vinyl rolls or interlocking tiles – both are quick to install and easy to move around if needed.

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