Flexi Tred

Heavy-duty matting with a textured surface that insulates from electrical shock.

Our bestselling electrical insulation matting, Flexi Tred is designed for workplaces where there's a risk of electrical shock and comfort is needed underfoot.

With a breakdown voltage of 27kV, Flexi Tred not only provides electrical resistance, but also withstands high levels of electrical interference. The textured rib surface is hard-wearing, easy to clean and provides good slip resistance.

It's also naturally resistant to acids, chemicals and oils, making it the ideal matting for manufacturing and production areas, as well as commercial environments where there's a high level of pedestrian traffic.

  • Flexible formatSupplied in a convenient roll format
  • Simple installationEasy to cut to fit on site, contours to the subfloor
  • Easy to maintainSimply lift or roll to clean, no special tools needed
Features And Benefits Textured Surface 46
Textured, broad-rib surface
Features And Benefits Slip Resistant 02
Good slip and wear resistance
Features And Benefits Dot Design 27
Breakdown voltage of 27kV
Features And Benefits Electrical Shock 29
Insulates from electrical shock
Features And Benefits Hard Wearing 25
Hard-wearing vinyl sheets
Features And Benefits Chemical Oil And Acid Resistant 56
Resistant to chemicals, acids and oils
Features And Benefits Made From Flexible Pvc 060
Made from flexible PVC
Features And Benefits Easy To Cut To Fit On Site 10
Easy to cut to fit on site; contours to the subfloor
Features And Benefits Comes In Rolls 12
Supplied in a convenient roll format
Features And Benefits Easy Installation 09
Quick to install
Light gray
Flexi Tred
Height5/32" (4mm)
Standard roll option33' x 3'3" (10 x 1m)
Weight0.86 lb/sq.ft (4.2 kg/m2)
ChemicalResistant to most acids, alkalines and oils. You can read more about specific chemical resistances by downloading this information sheet.
CompositionFlexible DINP plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
EnvironmentFlexi Tred is 100% recyclable. We don’t use any substances included in the SVHC list under REACH in any of our matting products.
ElectricalBS 2782: Part 2 Method 230A
Insulation resistance > 2000M Ω
Electric strength = 20,000 volts
DIN 60243-1 (VDE 0303 part 21): 1999-03
Breakdown voltage: 27.050 kV eff
FireUL 94. Horizontal burning test. Classification 94HB
ReversionThermoplastic shrinkage can result in size reductions up to 2%. This may be accelerated in hot environments. You can read more about the causes of shrinkage by downloading this information sheet.
ThermalDesigned to function at temperatures from -9°F and up to +140°C. Slight size variation may occur at temperature extremes.
UV lightResistant to PVC degradation
WarrantyTwo years. Visit our policies page for more information about warranties.

Flexi Tred's one-piece construction means installation is simple

  • Supplied in a convenient roll format
  • Easy to cut to size and shape
  • Contours to the subfloor

Keeping Flexi Tred looking good is easy

  • Easy to clean with a vacuum or mop
  • No special cleaning tools needed

All of our ribbed matting provides good slip resistance and a bit of extra comfort underfoot: