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Crossgrip TPO

TPO flat roof walkway matting compatible with TPO and EPDM roof membranes

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Crossgrip TPO has been specifically created to protect TPO flat roofs from heavy foot traffic, dropped tools and maintenance equipment.

Lightweight and flexible, our TPO roof walkway pads come in a rolled format, and are designed to be loose laid with no fixing required, so can be installed quickly and easily, even in adverse weather conditions.

Crossgrip TPO sits at a raised height of 1/2” to help elevate workers off the roof surface, while the durable, welded construction contours to all TPO flat roofs, effectively protecting the roof surface from any potential damage.

The embossed surface ensures a firm underfoot grip, making it the ideal TPO flat roof mat for staff and maintenance workers who need safe access on the roof.

It also remains stable in winds up to 55mph (89km/h). (Tests at the University of Hertfordshire, School of Aerospace, Automotive & Design Engineering showed Crossgrip TPO when laid flat on a stable platform remained in position for wind speeds of 88mph (142 km/h).

Flexible format

Supplied in 33’ TPO walkway rolls

Simple installation

Loose lay, no fixing required

Easy to maintain

Four year warranty, UV resistant

Features + benefits


Textured Surface

Embossed surface

Two Layer Construction

Two-layer construction

Hard Wearing

Durable, welded construction

Made From Flexible TPO

Made from flexible TPO

Loose Lay

Loose lay, no fixing required


Slip Resistant

Certified slip resistance (DIN 51130: R9)

Excellent Drainage

Excellent drainage (DIN 51130: V10)

Contours To And Protects Roof Structure

Protects the roof membrane

Contours To Uneven Surfaces

Contours to and protects EPDM and TPO roof membranes

Features And Benefits Stable In Winds Up To 60Mph

Stable in winds up to 55mph (89km/h).

Standard sizes
Crossgrip TPO
Height1/2" (12mm)
Standard roll option33' x 2' (10 x 0.6m)
33' x 2'6" (10 x 0.75m)
33’ x 3’ (10 x 0.9m)
Weight1.1 lb/sq.ft (5.2 kg/m2)
Technical info
AcousticExcellent sound absorption properties
CompositionThermoplastic polyolefin
DrainageDIN 51130: V10
EnvironmentCrossgrip TPO is 100% recyclable. We don’t use any substances included in the SVHC list under REACH in any of our matting products.
FlammabilityUL 94 HB Self Extinguished (material ignited but stopped burning prior to reaching the timing zone) / No Burn Rate. UL 214 did not ignite.
Slip resistanceDIN 51130: R9

ASTM E303 Dry/Wet with lines along–lines across 67-97 / 54-77

WarrantyFour years. Visit our policies page for more information about warranties.
Wind resistanceWhen loose laid, Crossgrip TPO can withstand winds up to 55mph (89 km/h). In laboratory conditions, on a flat stable platform at The University Of Hertfordshire, School of Aerospace, Automotive & Design Engineering, Crossgrip TPO remained stable in wind speeds up to 88mph (142 km/h).

Crossgrip TPO's one-piece construction means installation is simple

  • Loose lay, no fixing required
  • Durable, one-piece construction
  • Supplied in 33' rolls; easy to cut to fit on site
  • Contours to the roof structure

Keeping Crossgrip TPO looking good is easy

  • Simply lift or roll to clean
  • Easy to clean with a high pressure hose
BIM objects

Download our BIM objects in both Revit and IFC file types

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All of our roof walkway matting is certified slip resistant and provides excellent drainage:

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