Plastex Lok

Open-grid, interlocking PVC tiles designed for busy industrial workplaces where spillages are likely.

A hard-wearing tiling system that's certified slip resistant and made from 100% recycled material, Plastex Lok is ideal for busy industrial workplaces where spillages are frequent.

Its dimpled surface provides the highest level of slip resistance, while the non-porous PVC will resist chemicals, oils and acids.

Ramped edges and a raised construction make it the perfect matting for work stations, assembly areas, laboratories and storage areas where spillages happen frequently and drainage is needed.

  • Flexible format Comes in 1'8" x 1'8" interlocking tiles with a height of 5/8"
  • Simple installation Interlocking tiles that easily and securely lock into place
  • Easy to maintain Simply lift to clean, no special tools needed

Also available in a tiled format is Plastex Chex, which features a closed grid with a checker-plate design, and Plastex Grid, open-grid interlocking tiles that can be used to create raised work surfaces.

Dimpled surface
Certified slip resistant (DIN 51130: R12)
Raised construction
Excellent drainage (DIN 51130: V10)
Made from non-porous PVC
Resistant to chemicals, acids, oils
Interlocking tiles with ramped edging
Seamless installation
Made from 100% recycled material
Environmentally friendly
Plastex Lok
Height5/8" (16mm)
Standard tile size1'8" x 1'8" (0.5m x 0.5m)
Weight1.10lb/sq.ft (4.8kg/m2)
AcousticExcellent sound absorption
ChemicalResistant to most acids, alkalines and oils. You can read more about specific chemical resistances by downloading this information sheet.
CompositionFlexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
EnvironmentPlastex Lok is 100% recyclable, and is made from 100% post-industrial recycled PVC. We don’t use any substances included in the SVHC list under REACH in any of our tiling products.
FireUL 94 V-2
HygieneMade from non-porous PVC that’s naturally resistant to bacteria growth.
ReversionThermoplastic shrinkage can result in size reductions up to 2%. This may be accelerated in hot environments. You can read more about the causes of shrinkage by downloading this information sheet.
Slip resistanceDIN 51130: R12, V10
ThermalDesigned to function at temperatures from -9°F and up to +140°F. Slight size variation may occur at temperature extremes.
UV lightResistant to PVC degradation
WarrantyTwo years. Visit our policies page for more information about warranties.

2” PVC edging strip

Supplied in 1'8" (50cm) lengths. Both male and female strips are available. Comes in black and yellow. Size: 1/2" x 2" x 1'8"(12mm x 50mm x 500mm)

2” PVC edge corner

Comes in black and yellow. Size: 1/2" x 2" x 2" (12mm x 50mm x 50mm)

Connector clips: end-to-end

For joining two ends of the edging together. Supplied in 1'8" (50cm lengths). One lug is supplied for every two pieces of edging in the relevant color

Plastex Lok's interlocking system means installation is simple

  • Tiles easily and securely lock into place
  • Effectively covers large areas
  • No special tools needed

Download the full installation instructions here.

Keeping Plastex Lok looking good is easy

  • Light to handle
  • Simply lift to clean
  • Easy to clean with a high pressure hose

Also suitable for heavy-duty industrial workplaces: