Tuff Spun

Anti-fatigue, noise-reducing foam matting for light duty use.

With its ribbed slip-resistant surface and foam composition, Tuff Spun is ideal for workplaces with employees who need comfort underfoot.

Certified wear resistant, this anti-fatigue matting not only reduces standing fatigue and boosts productivity, it also reduces impact noise and provides protection against anything that might be accidentally dropped.

  • Flexible formatsComes in 60' rolls and standard modules
  • Simple installationEasy to cut to fit on site, contours to uneven surfaces
  • Easy to maintainSimply lift or roll to clean, no special tools needed

Need to highlight a route or mark out an area? Also in this range is Tuff Spun Plus, which features yellow edging around the mat for extra visibility.

Features And Benefits Foam Construction 23
Made from minimal-wear foam that won't deaden
Features And Benefits Reduces Fatigue 17
Certified wear resistant (ASTM 4060: <1g loss)
Features And Benefits Ribbed Surface 16
Ribbed surface
Features And Benefits Slip Resistant 02
Good slip resistance
Features And Benefits Foam Construction 23
PVC foam construction
Features And Benefits Anti Fatigue 33
Reduces noise and standing fatigue
Features And Benefits Closed Construction 37
Closed cell construction
Features And Benefits Provides Item Protection 34
Protects dropped items from damage
Features And Benefits Comes In Rolls And Modules 11
Comes in 60' rolls and standard modules
Features And Benefits Easy Installation 09
Quick to install
Dark gray
Black with yellow edging
Tuff Spun in grayTuff Spun in blackTuff Spun Plus
Height3/8" (9mm)3/8" (9mm)3/8" (9mm)
Standard roll options60' x 2' (18 x 0.6m)
60' x 3' (18 x 0.91m)60' x 3' (18 x 0.91m)60' x 3' (18 x 0.91m)
60' x 4' (18 x 1.22m)
Standard module options2' x 3' (0.6 x 0.91m)2' x 3' (0.6 x 0.91m)
3' x 5' (0.91 x 1.5m)3' x 5' (0.91 x 1.5m)
3' x 10' (0.91 x 3m)3' x 10' (0.91 x 3m)
Weight0.68lbs/sq.ft (3.3kg/m2)0.68lbs/sq.ft (3.3kg/m2)0.68lbs/sq.ft (3.3kg/m2)

Surface modules are supplied with factory fitted PVC ramped edging to four sides

AcousticExcellent sound absorption properties
Vinyl foam
UV lightsResistant to PVC degradation
WarrantyOne year. Visit our policies page for more information about warranties.
Wear ratingASTM 4060: <1g loss

2" PVC edging strip

Supplied in rolls of 33' (10.1m) length with cold welding paste. Comes in black and dark gray. Size: 3/8" x 2" x 33' (10mm x 50mm x 10.1m)

PVC snap track: low profile

For joining rolls either end-to-end or side-to-side in large installations. Supplied with cold welding paste. Comes in dark gray and black. Size: 13/32” x 8’2” (10.5mm x 2.5m)

Tuff Spun's one-piece construction means installation is simple

  • Comes in rolls or modules for quick installation
  • Easy to cut to size and shape
  • No special tools needed

Keeping Tuff Spun looking good is easy

  • Light to handle
  • Simply lift or roll to clean
  • Easy to clean and maintain

These mats are also great at reducing standing fatigue and boosting productivity: