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Our top safety mats for vets and pets

At veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, it’s crucial to line cages, bathing areas, animal hydrotherapy pools and exam rooms with safety mats for vets and pets. These must be hygienic, non-toxic and available in animal-friendly colours.

Vets and pets need mats in three key clinical areas for safety and comfort:

1. In animal cages:

  • Pets are often kept in cages waiting for surgery or during recovery, and comfortable cage mats help keep pets calm.

  • Floor mats for cages are easier on injuries and healing wounds.

  • Waterproof cage mats dissipate pet waste for improved comfort and hygiene – it’s very important to keep both animals and cages dry and clean.

Pet cage mats have insulating properties and elevate animals from cold floors to help keep them warm.

We recommend: HVD
HVD has an extra soft surface for added comfort inside animal cages.
IMG 0844
IMG 3051

2. Inside bathing tubs and on animal hydrotherapy pool ramps:

  • Whether they’re for cats or for dogs, vet mats are more comfortable for pet paws than traditional metal grates with large gaps.

  • Pet bathing mats are a much lighter alternative to metal grates and easier for staff to lift – plus, they can be cut to fit on-site and loose-laid.

  • Animal hydrotherapy pool and pet bathing mats offer soft cushioning and traction control to stabilize and support paws in slippery environments.

We recommend: Heronrib
Heronrib’s four-way drainage helps remove water, while the slip-resistant surface helps keep pets stable inside bathing tubs and animal hydrotherapy pools.

3. Underfoot next to bathing tubs and in examination rooms:

  • For vets and nurses, safety mats boost productivity and prevent circulatory issues caused by standing on hard surfaces for long periods.

  • Around bathing tubs and veterinary exam tables, mats help reduce the risk of slips and trips by providing traction underfoot and dissipating spilled liquids.

  • Lightweight and flexible, the mats can easily be moved to different work areas as needed, or lifted up for cleaning.

We recommend: Heronair
Heronair prevents slips on spilled liquids alongside bathing areas, boosts productivity, reduces fatigue, and insulates against hard concrete surfaces found around examination tables.
Heronair for petcare

Our mats for pets and vets are:

  • Lightweight and easy to clean

  • Quick to install, loose laid and can be cut to fit on-site

  • Hygienic with antimicrobial and antifungal properties

We’re here to help

As suppliers of mats for pets and vets to some of Canada’s leading veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, we understand your diverse needs. Talk to our team today for a quote.

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