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Download our BIM objects in both Revit and IFC file types for available Plastex products.


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Specialized flat roof protection mat with a superior four-way drainage system, enhanced slip resistance and 10 year warranty.

Two-layer walkway matting for roof protection, plus safety on high level walkways.

A highly specialized walkway matting that’s compatible with EPDM and TPO flat roof membranes.


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Slip-resistant, open-grid entrance matting designed for high traffic areas.

Internal entrance matting with carpet inserts for thorough moisture removal.

Exterior walk-off mat with heavy-duty brush inserts for the effective removal of dirt and debris.

Extra wide heavy-duty outdoor entrance mats with brush inserts, designed for trapping large debris.

Solid-backed, ribbed entrance mat that can be used in internal or external environments with no mat well.

A solid-backed, heavy-duty ribbed entrance matting with carpet inserts to remove moisture from busy internal areas.

Slip-resistant, heavy-duty outdoor entrance mat perfect for areas with lots of foot traffic.


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A self-draining barefoot mat for wet areas like pools, gyms, shower rooms, saunas and spas.


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Heavy-duty matting with superior drainage and slip resistance, designed for all types of commercial and industrial workplaces.

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