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Building your Gateway entrance system

Gateway is an integrated entrance flooring system that flows seamlessly from outside to inside. What makes Gateway so unique is its ‘scrape and clean’ system that removes and traps dirt, debris and moisture, effectively protecting internal floor finishings and reducing cleaning costs.

You can see our entire Gateway matting range here.

With over 50 style and colour combinations to choose from, it's easy to build a system that suits your environment and needs. Depending on your available space and expected traffic volume, we recommend combining primary matting (which scrapes and cleans) with secondary matting (which cleans and dries).

Use the tool below to find the best entrance mat for your needs

Primary matting


Our primary matting has an aggressive tread pattern that scrapes and cleans, preventing unwanted debris from being walked inside.

Designed to be used inside or outside.

Secondary matting


Our secondary matting features heavy-duty absorbent carpet inserts that cleans and dries for maximum moisture removal.

Designed to be used inside.

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