In environments where liquids are spilt or water is present, effective drainage can make the difference between a safe floor and a risky one.

Our range of safety drainage mats have been designed for a range of environments, including wet areas like swimming pool surrounds, gyms and shower rooms, as well as workplaces where liquids are likely to be spilt, such as restaurants, bars and hotels.

Our certified drainage mats (DIN 51130: V10) have four key features that work in sync to keep wet environment surfaces safe.

  1. An open grid to allow for easy water flow
  2. A two-layer construction that helps fluid drain away quickly
  3. A flexible vinyl composition that can be loose laid and effectively contours to the floor surface, improving stability underfoot
  4. A durable, slip-resistant surface, which provides extra grip for shoes and bare feet

Installation options
For the covering of large spaces, we recommend an interlocking tiling system like Herontile or Plastex Grid. These tiles lock together quickly and securely, making installation easy and maintenance low-key. For walkways or alongside work areas, you can also choose a flexible drainage mat roll format, which can be cut-to-fit on site with no fixing required.

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