Our industrial matting is designed for a wide range of environments, from manufacturing, automotive assembly and plants to warehouses, factories and assembly lines.

Industrial environments must meet the highest standards of safety. That's why our heavy-duty industrial matting features a rugged, slip-resistant surface that delivers safety underfoot, combined with a two-layer construction to aid superior drainage and fall through. A tough vinyl exterior means all our heavy-duty mats are resistant to chemicals, oils and acids.

Comfort isn’t compromised in heavy-duty environments

We also design for comfort, with many of our industrial safety floor mats and warehouse floor mats featuring built-in cushioning to provide relief from cold floors and standing fatigue. Cushioning also helps to protect delicate items and expensive tools from damage when stored, or if accidentally dropped.

Our industrial matting is great for:

Busy industrial areas with frequent heavy-wheeled traffic
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Tough industrial environments where debris and metal shards are an issue
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Workshops, assembly lines and storage areas

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