One of the most important pieces of equipment in any food service environment, your commercial walk-in freezer or cooler must be able to withstand tough daily usage, temperature fluctuations and high traffic – and that goes for the flooring as well.

From ice crystals and condensation to accidental spillages and tracked-in water, commercial walk-in freezers and walk-in refrigerators pose plenty of potential hazards. By covering the floor in a heavy-duty, slip-resistant matting like Vynagrip, you help to reduce the risk of accidents, plus prevent goods from getting damp or contaminated.

Heavy-duty construction for a busy environment

Vynagrip's diamond tread pattern ensures a certifed slip-resistant surface for employees and visitors going in and out of refrigerated environments to get supplies. This superior traction not only reduces the risk of slipping, it also helps to prevent equipment and vehicles like carts from skidding.

Open-grid design helps prevent bacteria and mould

Commercial walk-in freezers and walk-in fridges can often get compromised by ice build-up associated with moisture and lack of air movement. When this happens, the floor can quickly become hazardous underfoot, and any goods stored on the floor potentially contaminated. Vynagrip's open-grid design means that air can circulate freely beneath and around cartons, helping to protect boxes and other items stored at floor level.

Able to withstand low temperatures, impermeable to fluids

Made from non-porous PVC with a two-layer grid construction, Vynagrip is impermeable to fluids and can withstand temperatures as low as -23º C (-9.4º F) without cracking or curling. The open grid also ensures excellent drainage, making it the ideal choice for any environment where spillages are likely or greases and fats are present, such as around beverage dispensers, soft drinks dispensers and drinks fridges, and inside beer fridges, cold storage warehouses, and commercial walk-in freezers and walk-in fridges.

Quick to install and a breeze to maintain

Easy to cut to fit on site, Vynagrip is designed to be loose laid over existing commercial kitchen flooring or cold room flooring and can be cleaned easily with a high-pressure hose. It can also be custom made to match existing store designs.

Our commercial refrigeration matting is ideal for:

Inside commercial walk-in freezers and coolers
Around beverage dispensers and drinks fridges
Food service areas
Commercial kitchen flooring
Cold storage warehouses
Commercial beer fridges

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