Creating a slip-resistant environment on construction sites is vital, particularly on walkways where construction workers and maintenance engineers operate. Our specially designed walk-off mats for construction sites can help.

Our heavy-duty matting features a durable construction to withstand even the toughest environments, slip resistance to help reduce the likelihood of accidents in rugged applications, and an open grid to effectively remove spills and debris before they can cause issues.

It’s this winning combination that helps to create safe and permanent walkways that protect construction workers, as well as service and maintenance engineers. We also specialize in matting for high level construction jobs, such as on rooftops or elevated surfaces. Crossgrip PVC is our best-selling construction site mat for flat roofs, gantries and high-level walkways, while Crossgrip TPO is compatible with TPO and EPDM roof membranes.

Installation on the go
Our construction floor mats contour to uneven surfaces and are cut to fit on site, which makes installation quick and easy. The matting is available in either rolls or modules, and its lightweight composition is easy to lift for cleaning and storage purposes. This makes it ideal for both temporary and permanent construction sites.

Our mats for construction are perfect for:

Walkways, to help protect construction workers, service and maintenance engineers
Public works, to protect the public and reduce accidents
High level construction jobs, such as on rooftops or elevated surfaces

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