Vynagrip delivers slip resistance in busy nursery

In need of a heavy-duty commercial greenhouse flooring that remained slip resistant in damp conditions, the Royal Horticultural Society Glasshouse Nurseries approached Plastex for a solution.

The problem

The Royal Horticultural Society’s Glasshouse Nurseries in Wisley, UK, is an immense garden comprising a glasshouse with three climatic zones, a growing lab and a learning space. It’s also the second most visited paid entry garden in the United Kingdom.The RHS became concerned their original rubber matting had become slippery due to heat, humidity and the large volume of water needed to nurture the garden’s tropical plants. They needed a new greenhouse floor covering that would cope in this challenging environment, while also being able to withstand high levels of pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

The checklist

  • Tolerates wet, humid conditions
  • Provides a steady grip for pedestrians and service carts
  • Quickly drains and dissipates water
  • Unaffected by mould and algae
  • Available in one continuous roll

The solution

We worked closely with nursery manager Nick Morgan to test the effectiveness of different types of mats in a humid environment. After several trials, Vynagrip was installed along the greenhouse walkways and points of entry.

Made from non-porous PVC, the mat’s open grid allows large volumes of water to drain away quickly. Vynagrip is also impermeable to mould, algae, oils and other chemicals, making it a perfect fit for wet and humid environments like the Glasshouse Nurseries.

Its deeply etched surfaces deliver slip resistance even when soaking wet, while the two-layer construction provides comfortable cushioning. The addition of a gently angled ramp along the edges of the mat facilitates the passage of carts and wheeled equipment.

At a glance


Royal Horticultural Society


A slip-resistant greenhouse floor covering that’s impermeable to mould and algae, and able to withstand wet and humid environment


Wisley, UK


Product spotlight


Our number one defence against slippery environments, Vynagrip is a heavy-duty mat designed to withstand all kinds of workplace liquids.

Flexible formats

Choose from modules with ramped PVC edging or rolls in standard widths and 10m (33') lengths

Simple installation

Easy to cut on site; contours to uneven surfaces

Easy to maintain

No special cleaning tools needed; easy to clean with a high pressure hose

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“We’re really pleased with the matting and the way it has solved our problem. The previous mat was no longer safe for nursery staff and we had to stop the guided tours as it was a danger for the public. Vynagrip has changed all that. Regardless of how wet it gets, the staff are not slipping and we’re delighted that we have been able to resume the guided tours.”
Nick Morgan, manager, Glasshouse Nursery

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