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Gateway Plus helps keeps dirt out of classrooms

The installation of temporary classrooms at St Andrews CE Primary School created an urgent need for a short-term solution to keep them dirt-free.

The problem

When St Andrews CE Primary School took over an existing school site in the south of England, temporary classrooms were set up to minimize the disruption to students. With more than 400 children passing through the classroom doors every day, this arrangement created an urgent need for a matting solution that would help reduce cleaning costs and stop debris from making its way inside the buildings.

The checklist

  • Scrapes, cleans and dries shoes and wheels at the point of entry
  • Helps to reduce ongoing maintenance and labour costs
  • Withstands high levels of traffic
  • Easy to cut to fit on site
  • Quick to install without any advance templating

The solution

Temporary entrance matting was needed both internally and externally, so an integrated school entrance mat solution was created with the installation of two products from our Gateway Entrance range. Outside the classrooms, Gateway Entry’s aggressive diamond tread pattern scrapes shoes and wheels clean, while the open grid structure traps dirt before it can be tracked inside. Inside, Gateway 14 Plus’ heavy-duty absorbent carpet inserts work to remove moisture and dry shoes.

This unique two-fold ‘scrape and clean’ system helps to reduce cleaning internals, extends the life of floor finishes and keeps interiors looking smarter for longer. While it was only designed to be a temporary measure at first, Gateway was so successful at keeping the classrooms clean that the local authority architects were persuaded to change their original specifications to incorporate Gateway systems into all entrances for the new school.

At a glance


West Sussex County Council


High performance entrance matting that effectively scrapes, cleans and dries shoes and wheels at the point of entry.


West Sussex, UK



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"As you can imagine, 420 pupils have the propensity of transferring a large amount of shoe dirt into the school. Cleaning costs money so we were anxious that the very best precautions would be taken. We were fortunate that trials with the temporary accommodation led us to find the right solution."
Chris Luckin, headteacher, St Andrews CE Primary School

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