Crossline Covid-19 makes it easy for customers to social distance

To help their customers stick to social distancing measures, Alabama supermarket Bruce’s Foodland sought a social distance mat to give queuing customers a visual reminder of the state’s requirements.

The problem

When social distancing measures were rolled out across the United States in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, busy Fort Payne supermarket Bruce’s Foodland found themselves in need of a way to help their customers maintain physical distancing of 2m. As an essential business, the supermarket was set to stay open throughout the pandemic and management was determined to keep their store safe for customers. They needed floor distance markings not only for their checkout area, but also for the external walkway where customers would need to queue if the store reached capacity.

The checklist

  • Delineated stand zones to give people a visual reminder of the need to social distance
  • Durable and long lasting, and won’t tear or fade like stickers, stencils or tape
  • Provides a safe, slip-resistant and comfortable surface on which to stand
  • Easy to move and roll up for quick cleaning
  • Simple to install, and can be loose laid over an existing surface

The solution

Our two-layer social distancing mat Crossline Covid-19 fit the brief for Bruce’s Foodland perfectly. The mat’s colour-delineated zones provided floor markings for social distancing which allowed customers to easily observe physical distance rules, while its two-layer structure creates a comfortable surface underfoot.

Unlike temporary floor markings for social distancing (such as social distancing stickers or social distancing tape), Crossgrip won’t tear or fade, and can easily be moved to wherever it’s needed.

The mat’s flexible PVC construction means it can be loose laid with no fixing required, and can be quickly rolled out and cut to fit on site, which perfectly suited the supermarket’s tight deadline.

At a glance


Bruce’s Foodland


A safe, comfortable walkway mat with delineated stand zones to make it easy for customers to social distance


Fort Payne, Alabama



Product spotlight

Crossline Covid-19

Make it easy for customers, visitors and employees to observe physical distancing measures with Crossline Covid-19, a two-layer, slip-resistant social distance mat with colour delineated stand zones.


Comes in rolls of up to 24m (80’)


Cut to fit on site; contours to uneven surfaces


Light to handle; easy to clean

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We had to make the social distancing changes quite quickly, and Crossgrip couldn’t be easier to install. The mat’s clear markers make it easy for customers to maintain an appropriate distance, and it also looks stylish in our store.

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