Plastex Grid

Heavy-duty open-grid tiles that interlock together to create raised work surfaces.

With its open-grid design and easy 'lock-fit' connection, Plastex Grid is ideal for covering large areas in industrial workplaces.

The tiles' heavy-duty open grid can withstand weights up to 10,240 lbs/ft2 and provides excellent drainage, making it the perfect tiling system for industrial workplaces where detergents, industrial chemicals and acids are likely to be spilled. Sitting at a raised height of 1", the tiles easily lock into place, creating an elevated work surface that's flexible yet hard-wearing.

  • Flexible formatComes in 1'8" x 1'8" tiles with a raised height of 1"
  • Simple installationTiles easily and securely lock into place
  • Easy to maintainSimply lift to clean, no special tools needed

Also available in a tiled format is Plastex Lok, an open-grid mat with a dimpled surface, and Plastex Chex, a closed-grid mat with a checker-plate design.

Elevated Surface
1" raised surface
Provides Surface Protection
Surface protection; reduces fatigue
Open Grid
Open grid
Removes Moisture
Removes large quantities of liquids
Textured Surface
Textured design
Slip Resistant
Provides good slip resistance
Hard Wearing
Made from rigid polyethylene
Withstands Weights Up To 50Tm2
Withstands weights up to 10,240 lbs/ft2
Tiles Lock Into Place
Secure 'lock fit' connection
Easy Installation
Easy to install, can be moved around as needed

Available colors:

Dark gray
Plastex Grid
Height1" (25mm)
Standard tile size1'8" x 1'8" (50 x 50cm)
Weight0.66 lbs/sq.ft (3.6kg/m2)
ChemicalResistant to most acids, alkalines and oils. You can read more about specific chemical resistances by downloading this information sheet.
CompositionMade from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)
HygieneMade from non-porous 100% LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), which inhibits the growth of bacteria.
ThermalDesigned to function at temperatures from -7°F and up to -140°F. Slight size variation may occur at temperature extremes.
WarrantyTwo years. Visit our policies page for more information about warranties.

Aluminum edging (H: 1")

Supplied in sections of 6'6" (2m) length with fixing screws and plugs. Comes in anodized aluminum. Size: 1" x 2 3/4" x 6'6" (25mm x 66mm x 2m)

Plastex Grid's 'lock fit' connection means installation is simple

  • The tiles easily and securely lock into place
  • Creates a raised 1" work surface
  • Effectively covers large areas
  • No special tools or previous site visits needed for installation

For a step-by-step installation guide download the Plastex Grid matting installation instructions.

Keeping Plastex Grid looking good is easy

  • Light to handle
  • Simply lift to clean
  • Easy to clean with a high pressure hose

Download these cleaning instructions

Also suitable for heavy-duty industrial workplaces where spills are likely: