Hard wearing ribbed matting


Designed to be tough and hardwearing, Flexi Ridge is a multi-purpose ribbed matting system with integral ridges that facilitate the quick and easy dispersal of light spillages.

These smooth and easy to clean inherent ridges are also slip resistant and enhance the resilience of the product.

However, one of the most significant features of Flexi Ridge is the high level of component protection that it provides if items are accidentally dropped during production and packing processes.

This is a truly all-purpose product as it has noise reducing, slip resistant and a degree of fatigue reducing properties. It is also equally effective as a flooring system or as a bench top matting solution.

Flexi Ridge Line drawing

Flexi Ridge rolls

flexi ridge line drawing

Plastex flexi ridge rolls

Standard colours:

flexi ridge brown swatch flexi ridge grey swatch
Green Dark Grey

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Product Height mm (in) Length m (ft) Width cm (ft)
Flexi Ridge 2.8 (5/32") 20 (65'7") 100 (3'3")


key features
slip_resistance wear_resistance fluid_drainage component_protection
additional benefits
multi_purpose noise_reduction easily_cut
product documents
pdficon Flexi Mats single data sheet

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