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Why hygienic matting?

Hygienic flooring should be a central focus of any food preparation, healthcare, hospitality, industrial or commercial business environment.

Providing continuous hygiene is crucial in any environment, especially in barefoot areas, high traffic entranceways and many industrial environments where consumable goods are made.

Whether you’re looking for keep people safe in barefoot areas like swimming pool surrounds or prevent contamination in industrial environments like food processing, it’s crucial that you choose antibacterial flooring that provides continuous hygiene for visitors, employees and guests.

Barefoot environments
Our wide range of barefoot matting contains permanent antimicrobial and antifungal properties to help prevent mould, and protect against fungal and bacterial growth. This makes our mats the perfect floor covering for areas where the temperature and humidity can encourage the growth of fungus and mould, like spas or saunas. It’s also the ideal covering in environments where people spend time barefoot, like wet rooms, changing rooms, shower rooms and wash areas.

High traffic entranceways
Up to 80% of dirt comes into your building on shoes or wheels. Stop this debris in its tracks with Frontrunner, our integrated entrance matting. Its aggressive diamond tread pattern scrapes shoes and wheels clean, while the open grid structure allows any dirt and debris to fall away, stopping it from being tracked inside. This makes Frontrunner ideal for a huge variety of industries, from heavy-duty and industrial environments to workplaces with high pedestrian traffic, like retail, hospitality and commercial.

Hospitality and food processing
Our matting is specifically designed to meet today's hygiene standards in busy hospitality and food production environments. Our mats can be installed quickly, are easy to clean and contain properties to help to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould on the matting. For the foodservice and processing industry, look no further than Herongripa, our specialised food-grade flooring that keeps working areas free from hazardous material. The extra-wide open grid allows waste and other spillages to fall straight through, which traps the debris and prevents it from being tracked elsewhere. The mat can then be quickly and easily cleaned at the end of each shift.

Industrial and engineering environments
In areas with heavy grease, grime or oils, you need matting that quickly drains and dissipates liquids and waste. All our mats for industrial workplaces [industrial workplaces] are designed with an open grid to ensure superior drainage, keeping the floor free from hazardous material.

Easy to clean and maintain
Our matting’s non-porous construction ensures that any dirt, grime or contamination stays on the surface of the mat, and is easy to wash away with a high-pressure hose.


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“Great care needed to be taken to make sure we specified the right matting. Due to the nature of the scheme and its use by elderly, disabled and injured people, we thought Heronrib was the best solution. We’ve used it before and it's excellent at helping people to keep their footing.”


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