Why spillage matting?

If you're in an environment where there's a chance of water or liquids underfoot, you need a matting solution that can cope with spillages – before they cause harm.

From the occasional spilled drink to outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements, spillages are a natural part of everyday life.

Whether you’re dealing with small amounts of liquids in the workplace or large quantities in gyms and leisure centres, our mats are specifically designed to handle wet areas and reduce the risk of slipping. We design a wide range of matting suitable for all kinds of environments where spills are likely, including hospitality, walkways, retail, leisure centres, and commercial workplaces.

All of our wet environment matting features an etched surface for slip resistance, and an open grid for easy drainage. Made from non-porous PVC, the matting is naturally resistant to oils, acids and chemicals, and the lightweight construction makes it easy to lift and roll up for cleaning and storage.

Our spillage matting is ideal for:

Light industrial or commercial workplaces
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Cold rooms, walk-in freezers and food service areas
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