Petcare matting

Petcare matting

Grooming and caring for animals can be tough. You need to keep them comfortable, stable and secure, and spend long hours on your feet while dealing with excess water.

We make finding a mat for petcare simple with our four pet matting safety solutions: HVD, Heronrib, Heronair and Tuff Spun. Our pet mats are made from durable, high quality PVC that’s not toxic to animals, so you can feel confident that your matting solutions are safe and supportive.

Our pet mats are ideal for:

– Pet grooming
– Vet clinics
– Animal hospitals
– Doggy daycare centres
– Dog training facilities
– Obedience schools
– Flyball competitions
– Pet hotels

We have a pet mat for every environment:

Animal cages

Our cushioned HVD pet cage mats help keep animals warm and comfortable when they’re being kept or transported in cages.

Made from non-toxic, flexible PVC with a smooth upper surface, HVD has a two-layer construction that elevates the animal off the surface and an open grid that provides a high level of drainage. This winning combination makes them ideal for veterinary clinics, kennels, research facilities and zoos.

Expert tip: If you’re picking out a pet cage mat, colour matters more than you’d expect. Dog vision is very different to humans, and cool colours are calming for canines without being as harsh as white. Our HVD cage liners are available in green, blue and black, which can help to lower stress levels in pets while they’re waiting for surgery.

Washing stations

When it’s time to give animals a bath, our dog grooming safety mat Heronrib can replace traditional metal sink liners altogether. Metal grates can be heavy and difficult for groomers to lift, and their structure makes it easy for pet paws to slip through, causing the potential for injuries.

Heronrib is a stylish, slip-resistant solution – groomers can quickly grab a mat when needed and loose lay over the metal grates.

The grooming floor

At the grooming table, mats underfoot can prevent human fatigue and circulatory issues when standing for long hours. Our Heronair anti-fatigue grooming mats offer excellent drainage and slip resistance thanks to their open-grid structure.

Tournaments and training centres

When it comes to dog training, mats can make a big difference to agility and support. Tuff Spun is a dog agility matting solution made with tournaments and training centres in mind. Its ribbed, slip-resistant surface is designed for indoor spaces with medium traffic like doggy daycares, obedience schools and Flyball competitions.

An excellent dog mat for training, Tuff Spun is crafted from anti-fatigue lightweight foam that takes the pressure off paws, hips and knee joints – an ideal composition for Flyball runways. And if you’re concerned about the wear and tear caused by pet claws, this dog mat for training is certified wear resistant and reduces noise from active paws.

Tuff Spun is an approved dog agility matting product for most Flyball competitions, and it’s available in dark grey or black with yellow edging to highlight the runway. We also hold Supasponge in stock for Flyball boxes.


Watch Heronrib in action

Watch Heronair in action

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