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Walkway matting

Need to improve walkway safety in the workplace? Our wide range of walkway matting delivers slip resistance and drainage.

Our internal and external walkway matting is ideal for roofs, workplace passageways and anywhere with pedestrian traffic.

Walkways can be hazardous places, especially when you combine slippery surfaces like ceramic tiles and metal grating with moisture and liquid. All of our walkway matting ensures a firm grip underfoot, providing safe access for staff, visitors and maintenance workers, whatever the environment.

All of our walkway mats are designed to be loose laid, are quick to install, and can be easily moved to different zones. Thanks to their open grid format, they can also be secured in seconds if needed.

We have a wide range of safety walkway matting:

Roof and gantry walkway matting with superior wind resistance

Looking for a roof walkway system for gantries and high-level walkways that helps keep people safe from slips, is durable in all weather conditions, and easy to install? Our Crossgrip roof walkway system is the industry-leading loose laid system for new and existing roofs with tested and proven safety credentials.

Heavy duty walkway matting for work sites with metal grate flooring

Safety mats are imperative for walkways on work and construction sites. Not only do they help stop falling objects from causing havoc below, they also deliver superior drainage and traction underfoot.

Vynagrip’s close mesh construction, open grid layer, and diamond tread surface makes it the ideal solution for busy work sites. It performs in sub zero conditions, as well as extreme UV environments, and is impermeable to chemicals.

For sites and manufacturing plants with wheeled traffic, we recommend Firmagrip. The close mesh construction provides a smooth surface for wheels to glide over while still ensuring excellent drainage for any spillages, giving you the highest slip resistance possible.

Pedestrian walkway matting for creating safe, slip resistant pathways

Certified slip resistant with excellent drainage, Vynagrip is an excellent all-rounder that delivers superior defence against slippery environments. The mat’s diamond tread pattern delivers unparalleled traction underfoot, and the lightweight construction means it can be quickly and easily moved wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Light-emitting walkway matting for illuminating escape routes

Need matting to mark escape routes along walkways in case of lighting failure? Heronair Photoluminescent is certified slip resistant matting with a light-emitting band running down the centre that glows in the dark.

Extra-wide walkway matting for environments with large debris

Whether you’re dealing with ore, dirt or rocks, or your production processes lead to slip hazards thanks to metal, timber, plastic shavings or greasy residue, Trackgrip’s extra wide grid helps mitigate debris becoming a safety hazard on your floor, overhead catwalks or metal grate walkways.

Barefoot walkway mats for pools, gyms, outdoor decking and marine

Placing accessible, slip-resistant walkway matting around pool perimeters, inside changing rooms, and along paths is paramount when it comes to keeping employees and visitors safe in these high-slip environments. Our wide range of barefoot and wetside walkway matting combines certified slip resistance, superior hygiene, and underfoot comfort for unparalleled performance in high slip areas.

Anti-fatigue walkway matting with productivity-boosting properties

With its durable surface and foam backing, our anti-fatigue matting is the ideal mix of safety and comfort. It’s perfect for workplace walkways where there’s prolonged standing, such as service counters, assembly lines, work stations, roof walkways, gantries and high level platforms.


Crossgrip 20/20: Roof walkway system

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“We’re really pleased with the matting and the way it has solved our problem. The previous mat was no longer safe for nursery staff and we had to stop the guided tours as it was a danger for the public. Vynagrip has changed all that. Regardless of how wet it gets, the staff are not slipping and we’re delighted that we have been able to resume the guided tours.”


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