Plastex strives to use recycled materials in products whenever possible.


Acts and regulations

What does ADA compliant mean?
What are LEED requirements?
What is the BPR regulation?
What is REACH?


What type of ancillaries do I need?
Can Plastex matting be used loose laid?
How many and what type of floor hooks do I need?
How many and what type of clip connectors do I need per linear metre?
When do I need to use a snap track?
How do I fit a snap track?
What frames do I need for a recessed installation?
What ramps do I need for a surface mounted installation?
How to fix edging strips?
What is cold welding?


How do you measure and certify wear resistance?
What is fire resistance, and what do the certifications mean?
How do you measure and certify slip resistance?

Cleaning and maintenance

How do I clean Plastex matting?

Installation and cutting

What should I use to cut Plastex matting?
How long does Frontrunner take to relax and flatten?
How do you install Crossgrip?
How do you fix Flexi matting to the floor?
Under what weather conditions can Plastex matting be installed?
How much matting do I need to order?


What are the advantages of PVC matting?
Is PVC UV resistant?
Is vinyl energy efficient?
How durable is vinyl?
Are Plastex matting products recyclable?

Ordering and delivery

Can you supply module sizes?
Can you supply matting in a non-standard colour?
Can you supply matting with fitted edges?
Can you create a custom solution based on unique needs?
Can you ship to my country?


Which antimicrobial additives do you use, and what products are they in?
How do SteriTouch antimicrobial additives work on Plastex matting products?
Why do I need an entrance mat?
What matting should I use in my entranceway?
How big should my entrance floor mat be?
Can Frontrunner be used in a revolving or circular entranceway?
What is the life expectancy of my entrance mat?
What temperature does your matting withstand?
How can anti-fatigue matting save you money?
How does prolonged standing on concrete affect your body?
What type of matting is best for people standing on concrete?