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Why anti-fatigue matting?

Prolonged standing and walking on cold surfaces can cause circulatory problems and increased fatigue, which can lead to decreased productivity.

We've spent the last 50 years perfecting our anti-fatigue matting, and we're proud to have helped workers all over the world boost their concentration, decrease risk of circulatory problems, improve productivity and decrease the risk of injury.

With its durable surface and foam backing, our anti-fatigue matting is the ideal mix of safety and comfort. The etched surface comes in varying degrees of grip and drainage to suit your needs, while the foam backing helps to insulate and soften cold hard floors, preventing fatigue and potential long-term health issues.

Our anti-fatigue matting can be used in a wide range of environments, including work stations, assembly lines, machine shops, garages, retail, hospitality and static sensitive workplaces.

It’s perfect for workplaces where there’s prolonged standing, like reception desks and service counter, or wet applications like workplaces where liquids or chemical substances are likely to be spilt. It’s also ideal for heavy-duty environments – especially in environments where operating industrial equipment and heavy machinery can put a huge amount of pressure on employees – and workplaces with concrete floors, which put enormous strain on the body.


Workplace matting: Meet the range

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“This matting has really helped to overcome the problems our factory team was facing. We were getting reports that it was uncomfortable for them having to stand for long periods so we needed to find something that would make it more comfortable. This matting has worked really well. It’s also safer and reduces the risk of slipping, which is another great benefit.”


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