Plastex residential matting is designed for stairwells, entranceways, walkways and recreational areas.

Matting for residential buildings

Protective matting plays a critical role in helping keep residential spaces safe.

From high-rise flats and apartment buildings to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, keeping people safe in the places they call home is of utmost importance. That's why we've developed matting solutions for common residential areas like stairwells, entranceways and walkways, plus recreational zones like gardens, gyms and pools.

Protect walkways and entrances with Frontrunner, our integrated entrance matting system that reduces slips and trips by stopping dirt in its tracks. Its unique 'scrape and clean' system not only keeps interiors free from moisture and dirt, it also reduces cleaning costs and keeps internal floor finishings looking smarter for longer.

As well as ensuring safe entranceways, our matting is designed to:

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