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Matting for education

A high volume of foot traffic means schools, universities and colleges need surfaces that are resilient, slip-resistant and hard-wearing.

Educational institutions are unique to other buildings in that they have bursts of high traffic over short periods of time.

As students, teachers and visitors move from building to building, they inevitably bring in large amounts of dirt and debris, which can soil interiors and increase cleaning and maintenance costs.

Our Frontrunner entrance system solves this problem by removing the dirt before it can enter the building. The open grid and diamond tread surface scrapes and traps debris, while absorbent inserts clean and dry shoes and wheels, helping to keep interiors cleaner for longer.

Our matting can also be used in recreation areas, walkways, workshops and service areas. We have hygienic, slip-resistant matting for showers and changing rooms; self-draining, slip-resistant matting for swimming pool surrounds; anti-fatigue, cushioned matting for workshops and laboratories; slip resistant, close-mesh matting for walkways with both foot and wheel traffic; and wide-spaced, open-grid matting for food preparation and catering areas.


Plastex Frontrunner: Stop dirt at the door

We've got a mat for every need

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"As you can imagine, 420 pupils have the propensity of transferring a large amount of shoe dirt into the school. Cleaning costs money so we were anxious that the very best precautions would be taken. We were fortunate that trials with the temporary accommodation led us to find the right solution."


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