Plastex commercial vehicle matting is cushioned, lightweight and slip-resistant.

Matting for commercial buildings

Impress your visitors and cut maintenance costs with stylish entrance flooring that lasts the distance.

As the first thing your visitors see, your entranceway needs to make a fantastic impression – plus keep everyone safe from trips, slips and falls. That's why we designed Frontrunner, an entrance system that not only seamlessly integrates with your existing flooring and sub floors, but also delivers the highest slip resistance and drainage.

Frontrunner's aggressive diamond tread pattern scrapes and cleans shoes and wheels, preventing dirt, moisture and other debris from being tracked inside the building. Heel- and wheel-proof, the open grid structure allows the unwanted material to fall away, effectively trapping and preventing it from being tracked inside. This unique 'scrape and clean' system protects your internal floor finishings and reduces cleaning costs.

We have a range of different styles to suit all environments, from internal areas with high traffic to external entrances that tend to get slippery. We also provide solid-backed matting – Frontrunner SB and Frontrunner SB+ – that can be adhered or loose laid without the need for an existing mat well.

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