Surface mounted 'scrape and clean' entrance flooring system


Frontrunner SB is the perfect flooring solution for applications that require an entrance matting but do not have a recessed matwell. Its 6.5mm overall height and solid backing allow it to deliver this.

The matting's ribbed pattern scrapes dirt off shoes, which is effectively contained by its solid back. The hollow ribbed construction makes it light to handle during installation, yet sturdy enough to be heel and wheel proof. Due to Frontrunner SB's lesser overall weight, we recommend adhering it to the sub-floor in high volume traffic areas.

The ribbed top surface and solid backing combination allows for the containment of debris out of the traffic area, whilst the solid backing facilitates bonding to subfloors.

Frontrunner SB Line drawing

Frontrunner rolls

Frontrunner SB line drawing

Frontrunner SB roll

Standard colours:

frontrunner sb grey frontrunner sb black
Dark Grey Black

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Product Height mm (in) Standard roll options cm (ft)
Frontrunner SB 6.5
10m x 100
(33' x 3'3")
20m x 100
(66' x 3'3")

Test Results for Slip Resistance and Fluid Drainage
Standard Result
DIN 51130 R11, V10
ASTM C1028 - Dry/Wet 0.6/0.6

Surface mounted ancillaries Picture Description
Flexible PVC edging flexible pvc 3cm edging Standard profile rolls, 3cm x 60m (1" x 197'). 2 rolls per pack.
Colours: Dark Grey or Black


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