Push together rubber floor tile covering


Impact absorbing and insulating, Herontred vulcanised rubber tiles interlock together covering large areas of cold, hard floors in simply no time at all.

Available in attractive dimpled or marblised finishes and a bright range of colours, Herontred will not only look good, but will also cushion solid surfaces (hard ceramic, parquet, concrete floors etc.) and protect existing floor coverings whilst providing a safe, warm and smooth covering for sports, play areas and the like. Ideal in crèches, nurseries or exercise areas providing a cushioning and effective one piece flooring.

Both dimpled and marblised surface finishes provide good slip resistance whilst being extremely comfortable for barefoot use. The 16mm (5/8") thick tiles easily interlock together for convenient installation and have insulating properties that prevent cold penetrating from the floor below, making them highly suitable for coverage of large areas where the sub floor tends to be hard and cold.

Herontred comes in a bright selection of 7 dimpled surface and 6 marblised surface colors, with other colors available on request. It can therefore be used in many attractive, colorful combinations and designs including demarking floors and corridors. Bevelled edges and skirting also protect and help prevent trips.

Herontred Line drawing

Herontred sample

herontred line drawing

herontred tile sample

Standard colours:
Dimpled surface

herontred blue tile herontred ocean blue tile herontred grey tile herontred green tile herontred red tile herontred orange tile herontred black tile
Oxford Blue Ocean Blue Light Grey Holly Green Plum Red Orange Black

Standard colours:
Marbelised surface

herontred blue tile herontred light blue tile herontred orange tile herontred grey tile herontred brown tile herontred beige tile
Azul Celeste Naranja Gris Marron Haya

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Product Height mm (in) Size cm (ft) Quantity
Herontred 16 (5/8") 35 x 35 1'2" x 1'2") 9 tiles per pack

Ancillaries Picture Description
Ramped edging female edgingmale edging Two versions, female or male, available in 35cm (1'2") lenghts for finishing tile edges.
Colours: Grey or Black.
Skirting strip skirting strip Supplied per strip in 35cm (1'2") lenghts.
Colours: Grey or Black
Internal corner internal corner Colours: Grey or Black
External corner external corner Colours: Grey or Black


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component_protection bevelled_edge bright_colours easy_clean
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