Plastex | Need safe roof access? Here's five reasons you need roof safety walkways

Need safe roof access? Here's five reasons you need roof safety walkways

Large commercial roof spaces are being used more and more for solar panels, vegetation and roof mounted equipment that all need maintenance. Add rain and snow to the mix and slippery surfaces underfoot, and you have a serious safety hazard.

Roof work accounts for a quarter of all serious incidents in the construction industry, so it’s no surprise that safe roof access is becoming a requirement for many commercial buildings. Without roof safety walkways, things like rain, dew and slimy, mossy surfaces underfoot create additional safety hazards in an already risky job.

And it’s not just people that need protection on rooftops – the right roof safety walkway will also protect the roof membrane from damage from footfall and dropped tools.

Five reasons why you need roof safety walkways

Reason #1: To help prevent accidents

It’s crucial for engineers and maintenance team members working in slippery conditions to be able to safely navigate tangles of cables and bulky roof-mounted systems.

Single-ply roof membranes are notoriously slippery, so we’ve revamped Crossgrip 20/20’s top bar with a deep-cut cross directional rib that offers superior slip resistance underfoot (R11).

Reason #2: To protect the roof against damage from footfall and dropped tools

Heavy foot traffic and dropped objects can damage the roof’s surface – and a physical barrier between footfall and the roof is the easiest way to evenly disperse weight and absorb impact.

Crossgrip 20/20 elevates workers 14mm off the roof to help protect the membrane, and the cushioned surface helps stop dropped objects from causing damage.

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Reason #3: To drain excess fluids

Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause havoc on rooftops, creating even greater slipping hazards water starts to pool with heavy rain.

Crossgrip 20/20’s open grid and two layer construction deliver unparalleled drainage without compromising the rooftop’s existing drainage system.

Reason #4: To improve visibility

A simple way to help reduce the risk of slips and falls on commercial building rooftops is to make roof safety walkways highly visible.

Crossgrip 20/20 is available in bright yellow to make it easier for maintenance teams to find clear roof safety walkways (especially in the rain).

Reason #5: For safety wherever you need it

Welded roof safety walkways must be installed at the same time as the roof membrane – otherwise, there’ll be a hefty cleaning bill to prepare the membrane for welding post-installation.

Crossgrip PVC requires no roof preparation and can be installed at any time, even in adverse weather conditions and on surfaces with pooling water.

The mat comes in one piece and is designed to be loose laid – simply unroll and go!

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