Plastex | Need to safely transport pharmaceutical products?

Need to safely transport pharmaceutical products?

Find out how our mats help keep medications at consistent temperatures and reduce the risk of slips for staff transporting pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical companies must transport their products with specific storage needs at consistent temperatures and in controlled conditions. However, refrigerated pharmaceutical vehicles are often fitted with flat-structured metal flooring that doesn’t support air circulation underneath goods, and becomes slippery when wet.

Whether you work in pharmaceutical distribution or refrigerated van conversion, fitting refrigerated pharmaceutical vehicles with open grid matting like Vynagrip helps promote airflow to keep medicines stable and at a consistent temperature.

These mats help keep pharmaceutical distribution staff safe by providing traction underfoot, which helps reduce the risk of slips and trips inside refrigerated areas.

Explore our mats for the transport of pharmaceutical products

Here’s why our sales team recommends Vynagrip for pharmaceutical distribution vehicles:

1. Helps keep pharmaceutical products at consistent temperatures

Vynagrip’s open grid construction enhances air circulation beneath stored products, which helps to maintain consistent temperatures within refrigerated pharmaceutical vehicles.

The matting’s raised structure and excellent drainage help reduce the risk of cross-contamination if breakage or spillage occurs.

Durable and long-lasting, Vynagrip also has proven performance in sub-zero temperatures as low as -23°C.

Refrigerator Vynagrip
Van Vynagrip

2. Helps keep pharmaceutical distribution staff safe

Pharmaceutical distribution staff must negotiate slippery condensation and tracked-in water when loading and unloading refrigerated pharmaceutical vehicles.

Vynagrip’s slip-resistant surface provides superior traction underfoot, which helps reduce staff injuries, and reduces the risk of damage to vans and pharmaceutical goods.

3. Helps save refrigerated van conversion specialists time and money

Vynagrip’s one-piece construction makes it the perfect choice for chilled transportation because of its easy installation, cleaning and maintenance.

It doesn’t need advanced templating, and can be cut-to-fit onsite for easy installation, making it a great option if you have a fleet of vehicles that you need to fit out quickly, or if you only have one vehicle and can’t have it off the road for long.

Vynagrip is designed to be loose-laid with no need for interlocking, which saves time and money when outfitting your vehicle fleet. If you are connecting larger areas, our snap track ancillary will help to support mat joints.

Vynagrip in refrigerated van

We’re here to help

As suppliers of safety mats to some of the UK’s leading refrigerated van conversion specialists and companies with large fleets of refrigerated pharmaceutical vehicles, we understand the need for proven performance in the transport of pharmaceutical products.

Vynagrip is an extremely versatile safety solution, suitable for fleets or single vehicles conducting temperature-controlled pharmaceutical distribution. Talk to our team today for a quote.

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