Plastex | Specifying entrance matting? Here’s how to save time and money

Specifying entrance matting? Here’s how to save time and money

Whether you’re specifying entrance mats for a future project or dealing with last minute specification changes, your choice will likely be driven by cost and time. Here’s five things to look for when choosing an entrance matting system to help the project run smoothly, on time, and to budget.

1. Entrance matting that can be easily cut to size

Does the building have an existing mat well that’s dictating the type of entrance mat you need? Are there any architectural constraints to factor into the installation, such as pillars, sliding doors, or security detectors?

Some entrance mats need to be custom manufactured to fit into mat wells or in awkward spaces, which can add significant extra expense and time to an order. Our Frontrunner entrance mats can be quickly cut to fit any shape, such as within revolving doors, inside mat wells or over irregularly shaped areas.

2. Comes in a range of heights

If you’re working with luxury vinyl tiles, carpet or ceramic, you’ll save time and money by ordering a low profile option, which means the contractor won’t need to create a deeper mat well in the existing subfloor.

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Good to know: Our Frontrunner Entry, Frontrunner Plus, and Frontrunner XT mats are all available in a low profile option.


3. No site visits or complex templates needed

Time not on your side? Make sure you choose an entrance mat that can be ordered and shipped straight away, requires no complex drawings or templates, doesn’t need any previous site visits, can be cut to fit on site, and can be installed quickly, no matter the environmental demands.

4. Can be built to suit your environment and needs

Many buildings have more than one entrance, and those entranceways often have different needs to solve.

Main entrances need to cope with larger numbers of foot traffic, while service entrances need to cope with larger volumes of wheeled traffic. The exterior building design and the presence of awnings, or covered walkways, will also determine how much water or debris is present on people's shoes.

That’s why it pays to choose one entrance system that does it all, and can be customised to suit your needs. Frontrunner comes in over 50 style and colour combinations, flows seamlessly from inside to outside, and features a unique ‘scrape and clean’ system that not only removes and traps dirt but also cleans and dries for maximum moisture removal.

5. Can be easily lifted or rolled for quick cleaning

It's vital that a building entrance mat is easy to clean, because if you don't remove the dirt and debris that the mat is trapping, it will just build up and end up sitting on the surface of the mat. This means the mat may actually put more dirt on people’s shoes as they walk in, instead of scraping it off.

To save maintenance teams time and money, opt for matting with a flexible, one-piece construction that can be easily lifted or rolled for cleaning, plus an open grid to allow trapped dirt to be quickly removed via vacuuming (this means no special cleaning tools or products are needed).

Our Frontrunner entrance system ticks all these boxes

  • Install surface mounted or recessed
  • Works with all floor finishes, including ceramic floor tiles and carpet
  • Easy to install, cut to fit on site
  • No specialised specs, previous site visits or advance templating needed
  • Easily rolled and lifted for cleaning and maintenance
  • Quick and easy to order

We're here to help

Our friendly team is ready to help you find the perfect solution, no matter your entrance matting challenge or lead time. Get in touch with us today.

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