Plastex | The vehicle conversion specialist’s guide to refrigerated van mats

The vehicle conversion specialist’s guide to refrigerated van mats

Fitting the right van mats across a fleet of refrigerated vehicles helps keep your clients’ team and goods safe, and can save time and money too.

A refrigerated van’s original metal flooring can be slippery when wet, and its flat structure doesn’t support the air circulation needed for effective and hygienic refrigerated transport.

Whether these vehicles are transporting pharmaceutical products or providing chilled food transport, quality van mats can be swiftly installed, will help prevent slips and falls, and support air circulation.

Three things to look for in van mats to save your clients time and money

1. Materials and features that provide long-term safety

  • Deep frozen products like ice cream and ice must be transported below -20C, so it’s crucial to find durable van mats that won’t crack or curl in cold or freezing temperatures.

  • Look for an anti-slip surface to help prevent slips caused by tracked in water, and open grid drainage to quickly disperse condensation underfoot.

  • Cold room truck staff need comfortable surfaces to stand on while packing and unpacking shelves from vehicles. Van mats with anti-fatigue properties boost productivity and help reduce the risk of injury, poor circulation and joint problems.

  • Seek out van mats with an edging option that can be added to the vehicle’s point of entry for safe and smooth loading of carts and trolleys.

Refrigerator Vynagrip 2
Refrigerator Vynagrip

2. A structure that keeps perishable products fresh and promotes hygiene

  • Van mats with an open grid construction support air circulation, which extends the shelf life of foods and beverages, and keeps pharmaceuticals stable for longer.

  • A non-porous construction reduces bacteria and mildew growth to keep perishable goods safe.

  • When your clients work in everything from chilled food transport to pharmaceutical transportation, their staff need van mats made from a single-piece construction that can be easily removed for fast cleaning.

3. One-piece construction that saves time and money on installation and maintenance

  • When fitting flooring across a large fleet, look for van mats that can be templated and supplied pre-cut in bespoke sizes ready to fit, or mats that are easy to cut to fit on site.

  • Refrigerator floor mats that can be loose-laid without the need for interlocking can save time and money on your assembly lines. The mats can be connected using snap track for larger areas, making sure they stay in place without the risk of breaking at the joints.

  • By choosing van mats made from thermally efficient materials, vehicle conversion specialists can help their clients save money on cooling, too.
Vynagrip in refrigerated van
Van Vynagrip

Vynagrip is our go-to safety solution for van mats in refrigerated vehicles

  • Two-layer, open-grid construction for superior air circulation

  • Designed for temperatures from -23°C and up to +60°C

  • Its one-piece construction can be easily templated or cut to fit on site

We’re here to help

As suppliers of van mats to some of the UK’s leading vehicle conversion specialists and companies with large refrigerated van fleets, we understand the need for proven performance in temperature controlled vehicles.

Vynagrip is an extremely versatile van mat suitable for fleets or single vehicles. Talk to our team today for a quote.

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