Plastex | Three reasons why refrigerated transport vans need floor mats

Three reasons why refrigerated transport vans need floor mats

Do you work in refrigerated transportation? Van floor mats are essential for good hygiene and safety, especially when converting a vehicle into chilled transportation to meet food transport vehicles requirements.

There are three really good reasons why floor mats are a must for refrigerated transportation. Below, our sales team explain these reasons, plus recommend their favourite Plastex mat for chilled transportation and food transport vehicles.

Reason 1: Van floor mats help protect against dampness and contamination

Installing truck mats or van floor mats that have an open grid design improves air circulation (beneath any cartons or stock that is stacked on the ground), helping to protect against contamination from dampness.

Just like with a regular refrigerator, opening and closing doors of chilled transportation vehicles can lead to condensation on surfaces, posing a hygiene risk to stock if pools of water develop.

Reason 2: Van floor mats help reduce slip hazards in refrigerated transport vehicles

A mat with open grid construction for drainage and fall through means any liquid or condensation stay out of harm's way and doesn’t become a slip hazard. In addition, van floor mats with superior traction will provide a firm grip for people going in and out of the vehicle.

Reason 3: The right mat will help protect the interior of the refrigerated vehicle

Even if your refrigerated transport vehicle is already fitted with slip-resistant flooring, it’s important to also line the floor with an extra layer of cushioning to protect the interior surface of the refrigerated van in case any heavy items are dropped, or fall over in transit. In addition, cushioning the floor surface is critical in pharmaceutical transportation vehicles, to help protect delicate stock from breakage if dropped or placed on the ground for loading and unloading.

When choosing van floor matting, make sure:

  • There’s a two-layer construction, an open grid, and a diamond cut pattern for extra grip. Where there’s a risk of spilled goods, and from water and debris getting trekked into the vehicle, these three features will make a big difference.

  • The van floor matting is made of materials appropriate for refrigerated areas and resistant to bacteria. Some matting will crack and curl in freezing environments, which can create trip hazards, so look for non-porous high performance PVC options that can perform in temperatures as low as -23°C (i.e. when the refrigerated van is operating), but also in warmer temperatures up to +60°C. Remember, parked vehicles out in the sun can reach high temperatures!
  • It’s easy to install. Look for one-piece construction mats that don’t require advanced templating – this is especially handy when doing a floor covering and working around existing shelf legs or other features within the chassis.
  • The fittings and fixtures within the vehicle – flooring included – are easy to clean. One-piece construction van floor mats are extremely easy to maintain and clean because they can be simply lifted and removed from the vehicle and washed with a high-pressure hose. This also makes it easy to clean the floor underneath, as the mats can be lifted or rolled to be moved.
  • The mat is made from slip-resistant material that protects the floor surface from damage (and delicate objects from breakage) by providing a cushioned barrier.
Plastex2021 Vynagrip Black 60cm 106 1200px

Vynagrip ticks all the boxes for chilled transportation – and more

One-piece mats are a great choice for chilled transportation because of their easy installation, cleaning and maintenance. Vynagrip doesn’t need advanced templating, and can be cut-to-fit onsite for easy installation, making it a great option if you have a fleet of vehicles you need to fit out quickly, or if you only have the one vehicle and can’t have it off the road for long. Because this matting can be rolled or lifted to move it, removing it for cleaning and vehicle maintenance is just as simple and efficient.

  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Designed to function at temperatures from -23°C and up to +60°C
  • Made of non-porous, bacteria-resistant PVC materials
  • Two-layer, open-grid construction to allow for fall through of debris and liquid and superior air circulation
  • Diamond-cut, slip-resistant surface grip
  • Cut to fit on-site (no advanced templating needed to fit within the chassis)
  • One-piece construction. Simply lift out and remove for vehicle maintenance
  • Easy to clean with a high pressure hose


As suppliers of safety matting to some of the UK’s leading temperature-controlled vehicle converters, as well as companies with fleets of refrigerated vans and trucks for ice cream, fruit/groceries, and beverage, we understand the full spectrum of needs for matting within temperature controlled vehicles.

Vynagrip is an extremely versatile truck and van mat, and can be ordered in quantities suitable for fleets or single vehicles. Talk to our team today for a quote.

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