Plastex | Why workplaces with elevated walkways need dropped object prevention mats

Why workplaces with elevated walkways need dropped object prevention mats

Find out how dropped object prevention mats improve safety for workers, minimise interruptions to operations and protect equipment from damage.

Dropped objects are a major hazard in industrial workplaces. Whether it's a construction site, water treatment plant, energy facility, refinery, mining site, distribution centre or large-scale facility with interconnecting bridges and walkways, metal or GRP grating is often the walkway of choice – but when working at height, these walkways present many safety concerns.

By lining these walkways with dropped object prevention mats, facilities can help prevent dropped objects from falling through their open grates and help keep workers safe in a range of environmental conditions.

Here are three reasons why workplaces with elevated walkways need dropped object prevention matting:

1. Dropped object prevention mats help keep staff safe

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 21% of work-related fatal injuries were caused by a moving, flying or falling object in the UK throughout 2022. An insight into impact force could explain why: A 2kg tool dropped from 5m height has an impact force of more than one tonne.

For staff working outdoors, strong winds and rain only increase the risk of materials, debris or loose objects on elevated walkways being dislodged, and add to the likelihood of slips and falls. Mats with slip resistance reduce the likelihood of staff carrying objects losing their grip or balance, resulting in accidental drops.

Vyangrip is slip-resistant matting designed for commercial and industrial workplaces.
Why workplaces with elevated walkways need dropped

2. Dropped object prevention mats help businesses protect their bottom lines

Dropped objects impact personnel safety, equipment, business reputation and financial performance, which can cause companies extensive financial losses.

Dropped object prevention mats not only help protect workers below elevated walkways from injury, but they also help protect employers from potential workers' compensation payouts and liability risks.

When an object is dropped in an industrial facility, damage to expensive machinery can cause a halt in operations and long suspensions if assets need to be replaced. Halting operations can cost huge amounts of money in lost productivity, whether it’s to manage safety incidents or replace damaged equipment.

3. Dropped object prevention mats are a durable and versatile safety solution

Many facilities use plywood for work zones such as planned maintenance, but plywood comes with many challenges. Before plywood can be used, it must be hand-cut, treated, dried, and fixed in place – but despite being labour and time-intensive, it’s not a long-term solution.

Plywood can easily bow and warp in response to humidity. The low spots in the wood that form due to bowing often accumulate water, and need extra labour to remove it. Our range of dropped object prevention mats have an open grid for airflow and water drainage, and anti-fatigue properties to support people working on their feet for long periods.

Dropped object prevention mats can be swiftly installed, secured easily with zip ties for temporary maintenance shutdowns and repurposed throughout facilities when safety needs arise. They can also be left down as a long-term safety solution.

Firmagrip close mesh matting for metal grate walkways.
Matting clp 2a

Our sales team recommends Firmagrip and Vynagrip.

These safety mats are:

  • Slip resistant and provides a firm grip underfoot

  • Made from durable materials that can withstand harsh conditions

  • Easy to install and repurpose as needed

We’re here to help

As suppliers of dropped object prevention mats to some of the UK’s leading industrial facilities, we understand your needs.

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