Dubai’s busy Easa Saleh Al Gurg mosque needed to provide 1,300 daily visitors with a safe and comfortable surface in their ablution rooms.

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Easa Saleh Al Gurg Mosque


A comfortable, hygienic and slip resistant surface that can quickly drain large quantities of water in a busy mosque.


Karama, Dubai

The problem

In 2012, the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Mosque opened in Karama, a residential area in the centre of Dubai. The 1858 sq/m building is visited daily by 1,300 worshippers, many of whom perform the ‘Wudu’ five times a day. This ceremony involves washing the hands, face, head and feet in one of the mosque’s three ablution rooms, before walking barefoot into the prayer area. This ritual often results in large amounts of water being spilled on the tiled floor, creating a slip hazard for worshippers and staff.

The checklist
  • Quickly drains large volumes of water
  • Provides both grip and comfort underfoot
  • Light to handle for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Protects bare feet from bacterial contamination
  • Can be loose laid over slippery surfaces
The solution

The mosque's large surface space called for a slip-resistant mat that could be quickly rolled out and relayed for easy maintenance and cleaning. A comfortable surface to stand and walk on was also imperative. With this in mind, the building material division at Intercare Ltd in Dubai recommended Heronrib to be laid in all wet areas of the mosque.

Specifically designed for wet areas with high barefoot traffic, Heronrib automatically self-drains – even when faced with the largest amounts of water. The embossed surface delivers grip and comfort underfoot, while the antimicrobial and anti-fungal additives ensures excellent hygiene. Easy to handle, it can be cut to fit on site and quickly rolled up for cleaning and relaying.

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“Due to the size and nature of the project, Heronrib matting, specified in three different colours, was the perfect solution to prevent slipping accidents in the ablution areas at one of the biggest mosques in Dubai.”
Biju Bhaskaran, Plastex’s UAE distributor Intercare Ltd
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Product spotlight


Keep bathing and washing areas safe with Heronrib, the ultimate slip-resistant sports and leisure matting designed to withstand extensive barefoot traffic.

Flexible format

Supplied in 10m rolls, can be used indoor or outdoor

Simple installation

Easy to cut to fit on site, contours to uneven surfaces

Easy to maintain

Hygienic, hard-wearing and UV resistant

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