A new Ikea store on the outskirts of Berlin needed 700 metres of rooftop matting to mark out safe walkways for maintenance staff.

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Highly durable, slip resistant matting that provides safe access to the store’s rooftop services while protecting the roof membrane.


Berlin, Germany

The problem

Like many large retail businesses, Ikea tends to house many of its vital services and plant equipment on the rooftops of its stores. This not only helps to maximise the retail display area but also keeps the public away from potential dangers. Here, the building owners needed to find an easy and safe way for engineers to access the roof without damaging the roof membrane.

The checklist
  • Quick and easy to install, with minimum maintenance required
  • Remains stable in high winds and withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Quickly drains and dissipates liquids and debris
  • Contours over uneven surfaces and protect the membrane from damage
The solution

Our specialised rooftop matting Crossgrip PVC was the obvious solution. Made from flexible PVC, it's designed to be loose laid with no fixing required, so can be installed quickly and easily, even in adverse weather conditions. In fact, it was so seamless that roofing contractor Dachland Berlin laid 700 metres in just one day.

The durable, two-layer construction protects the roof membrane, while the diamond-cut pattern and cross-directional top ribs ensures a firm under foot grip. It contours over uneven surfaces, including membrane seams, ramps and changes in levels, and is easy to cut on site to fit around obstacles and machinery. The matting remains stable in winds up to 60mph (96km/h), and the vinyl composition means that it's naturally resistant to bacteria growth.

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“This was a large project that needed a specialised solution. Hundreds of metres of matting were needed to mark out the safe walkways to the building’s services and it frequently needed to be cut to fit around obstacles, accommodate wide stairs and transverse ridges, cables and seams. Crossgrip provided a perfect solution and, most importantly, it was laid very quickly, which saved a lot of installation time and money.”
Jean-Cedric Violet, Etanco GmbH
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Product spotlight

Crossgrip PVC

A highly specialised walkway matting for flat roofs, gantries and high level walkways, Crossgrip PVC is certified slip resistant and able to withstand all types of weather.

Flexible format

Supplied in 10m rolls

Simple installation

Loose lay, no fixing required

Easy to maintain

Five year warranty, UV resistant

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