Close mesh matting for small wheeled traffic


Firmagrip is a close mesh, slip resistant matting that is ideal for busy industrial areas where trolleys and small-wheeled vehicles are in use and liquids may be liable to spillages.

Whilst the close mesh construction of Firmagrip provides the stability needed to easily manoeuvre wheeled transport, it also permits the automatic drainage of liquids through the surface. As a result of this effective combination, Firmagrip is an excellent, multi-purpose product for wide ranging, heavy-duty environments.

In addition, Firmagripís close mesh format prevents smaller components from falling through the matting, thereby helping to protect items that might be accidentally dropped.

Easy to cut to shape and quick to install, Firmagrip will also contour over uneven floor surfaces to provide a smooth and even finish.

Firmagrip Line drawing

Firmagrip rolls

Firmagrip line drawing

Plastex Firmagrip rolls

Standard colours:

Firmagrip green swatch Firmagrip red swatch Firmagrip black swatch
Green Red Black

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Product Height mm (in) Length m (ft) Width cm (ft)
Firmagrip 14 (9/16") 10m (33') 60 (2') 91 (3') 122 (4')

Ancillaries Picture Description
Flexible PVC edging pvc edging 6cmpvc edging 10cm 6cm x 10.1m (2 1/2" x 33').
Colours: Dark Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Oxford Blue, Holly Black, Yellow.
10cm x 10.1m (3 3/4" x 33').
2 rolls per pack + welding paste.
Colours: Dark Grey, Yellow, Black
Aluminium section aluminium ramped edging 45mm x 2m (1 13/16" x 6'6"). Aluminium edging for surface mounted applications.
Colour: Anodised Aluminium, Powder Coated Yellow.
Connector clips side to side clips Side to side (pack of 10)
Snap Track snap track Integral welded flexible vinyl "Snap Track". Available in 14mm and 10mm heights. Supplied in 1,8m length (6') + welding paste.
Colour: Dark Grey

Test Result for Slip Resistance and Fluid Drainage
Standard Result
DIN 51130 R11, V10


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product documents
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pdficon Firmagrip single sheet