The original 'scrape and clean' entrance system


Well proven as the ideal first barrier to prevent dirt entering buildings, Frontrunner Entry’s ingenious combination of an abrasive ‘diamond’ tread surface, to literally scrape away undershoe dirt, with an open gird system to let the debris automatically fall through, effectively prohibits dirt from being trodden inside a building. This efficient, high quality, ‘clean and scrape’ system also protects internal floorcoverings and significantly reduces cleaning costs.

The special close space design of the open grid bars, also allows the product to be heel proof and suitable for wheel chairs, shopping trolleys and other wheeled traffic.

Frontrunner Entry is manufactured by Plastex from a hardwearing, flexible PVC and supplied in rolls so that large areas can be conveniently covered by one piece of flooring. Modules can additionally be supplied with sub-dividing panels created by the use of joining strip-enabling extensions. This allows sections to be easily removed for periodic high pressure cleaning and other specialist cleaning such as the removal of chewing gum.

When used in conjunction with Frontrunner Plus, which additionally removes moisture, the system provides permanent entrance protection that is durable and certified slip resistant.

Low Profile Frontrunner

Frontrunner is available in a standard 14mm (9/16") thickness and also in a low profile version of 10mm 3/8". At this height, Frontrunner Low Profile aligns with standard ceramic floor tiles and carpets in recessed applications to avoid the need and expense of creating a deeper matwell in an existing subfloor in order to accommodate the entrance matting system.

Frontrunner Entry Line drawing

Frontrunner Entry roll

frontrunner entry line drawing

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Standard colours:

frontrunner blue grid frontrunner brown grid frontrunner grey grid frontrunner green grid frontrunner black grid
Oxford Blue Dark Brown Dark Grey Holly Green Black

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Product Standard Height mm (in) Standard roll options Standard module options cm (ft)
Frontrunner Entry 14 (9/16") 10m x 60cm
(33' x 2')
10m x 91cm
(33' x 3')
5m x 120cm
(16'6" x 4')
80 x 120 (2'7" x 4') 100 x 150 (3'3" x 5') 110 x 200 (3'7" x 6'6")
Frontrunner Entry Low Profile 10 (3/8") 10m x 60cm
(33' x 2')
10m x 91cm
(33' x 3')
5m x 120cm
(16'6" x 3'11")

Test Result for Slip Resistance and Fluid Drainage
Standard Result
DIN 51130 R11, V10

Surface mounted ancillaries Picture Description
Aluminium ramp aluminium ramp Supplied with fixing screws and plus for permanent fixing.
Snap Track snap track Integral welded flexible vinyl "Snap Track". Available in 14mm and 10mm heights. Supplied in 1,8m length (6') + welding paste.
Colour: Dark Grey
Connector clips side to side connector clips Side to side (pack of 10)
Flexible PVC edging flexible pvc 6cm edgingflexible pvc edgingflexible pvc edging Standard and low profile rolls, 10cm, 6cm or 5cm x 10.1m (4", 3" or 2" x 33'). 2 rolls per pack + welding paste.
Colours: Dark Grey or Black

Recessed ancillaries Picture Description
Edge 'R' aluminium ramp For left and right extremities of well to cap and secure ends of 14mm/10.5mm matting.
Edge 'Z' snap track Used for left and right extremities of 10.5mm matting in conjunction with ceramic tiles.
Edge 'H' connector clips Used as “an invisible divider” for front to back installations of 14mm/10.5mm matting.
Edge 'L' flexible pvc edging For circular door and nonrectangular installations of 14mm matting.
Edge 'R' aluminium ramp For left and right extremities of well to cap and secure ends of 14mm/10.5mm matting.
Edge 'U' snap track A front to back frame or divider used with 14mm/10.5mm matting.
Edge 'T/TL' connector clips Frames of different widths used as dividers for large left to right installations of 14mm matting.
Edge 'J' flexible pvc edging For left and right extremities of well to cap and secure ends of 14mm matting when against a wall.


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