Plastex | The top 4 challenges architects face when specifying commercial entrance mats – and how we can help

The top 4 challenges architects face when specifying commercial entrance mats – and how we can help

If you’re an architect, specifier, designer or facility manager, you’ll know that sourcing commercial entrance mats comes with its own set of challenges. Below, we’ve addressed four of the most common, from replacing recessed door mats to trying to source custom-made entrance mats at the last minute

Challenge #1: You have a height restriction because of the depth of the door mat well

In an ideal world, you’d choose a commercial entrance mat that meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of the space you’re designing, and then provide construction teams with the specifications you need the recessed area to be.

But if you’re looking to replace an entrance matting system that has failed or worn out, you’ve likely got some constraints to take into account – essentially specifying in reverse.

You’ll often have limited options, as many aluminium entrance matting systems have too deep a grill to fit in existing recessed door mat areas. We have a simple solution for this scenario: Frontrunner, our most versatile entrance matting systems. You no longer need to source custom made entrance mats to get exactly what you need: Frontrunner mats are simple to specify, order and install, no matter the constraints.

From recessed to surface-mounted applications, Frontrunner fits seamlessly with all door mat well depths and contours effortlessly to the subfloor.

And if you’re working with luxury vinyl tiles, carpet and ceramic, we also have you covered with low profile options, which means you don’t need to create a deeper mat well in the existing subfloor. For luxury vinyl tiles and carpet we recommend Frontrunner SB and SB+ (6.5mm high) and for internal ceramic tiles we recommend our low profile Frontrunner Entry and Frontrunner Plus (10.5mm).

Challenge #2: You’ve got a niche need

Frontrunner Entry's one-piece construction means you can cut to fit on site.

Whether you’re specifying a commercial entrance mat for a building with revolving doors, or for a location with inclement weather, we love to help architects find the right mat for niche needs.

Consider Frontrunner Plus or Frontrunner SB+, as these dry and clean in one mat

Frontrunner Plus can be cut on site quickly and easily without the need for advance templating.

You need a heavy-duty system, like the Frontrunner XT.

Frontrunner Brush features heavy-duty brush inserts and an extra-wide, slip-resistant open grid; it also comes in a wider grid option (Frontrunner Brush Wide) should you need it.

Because Frontrunner is made from PVC, it doesn’t interfere with security systems, making it an ideal choice for department stores and shopping centres.

With over 50 style and colour combinations to choose from, it's easy to build a system that suits your environment and needs.

You need Frontrunner SB or Frontrunner SB+. These solid-backed mats can be adhered directly to the existing floor, creating an integrated flooring solution with LVT for carpet tiles. If you are looking for walkways in areas beyond the entrance, they make an excellent walk-off mat with an integrated PVC edge.

There’s options to add your business logo to our Frontrunner Entry mats. Find out more here.

Challenge #3: Your deadline doesn’t align with long lead times

While the entrance is the first thing a visitor sees, it’s often one of the last things ordered. Architects and specifiers often don’t have the luxury of time due to lengthy pre-order hurdles w​hen ordering entrance matting for new builds. These time constraints require architects to look for a solution that can be ordered quickly and installed easily as expensive custom-made entrance matting won’t beat time constraints.

Frontrunner’s short lead times, customisation options, and simple installation process puts a stop to deadline stress (and unnecessary expensive custom orders). Here’s why:

  • Frontrunner mats are quick and easy to install, and don’t require a specialised spec.

  • Our surface-mounted options means there’s no need to leave a recess in the concrete.

  • If you’re replacing a recessed door mat because your existing system failed or no longer suits the level of traffic, we have options that will easily slot right in, no matter the environmental demands.

  • Frontrunner is designed to be cut-to-fit on site, making it perfect for entrances with angles, odd shapes, revolving doors, columns, or anything else that would normally require advanced templating, significantly reducing the lead time from placing an order to installation. These were the driving factors behind Selfridges luxury department stores in Birmingham and Manchester selecting Frontrunner Plus for their commercial entrance mats – read more about that here.

Challenge #4: You’re having trouble getting the info you need to write up a spec

There’s a reason why architects, specifiers and facility managers come back to Plastex time and time again for commercial entrance mats.

With a dedicated team of matting experts at hand to help with any questions or complex enquiries, we make it simple, easy and best of all – fast – to write in the spec, order, and install attractive and effective entrance matting that suits the aesthetic of a range of environments.

We always have samples on hand if you need to compare colours and styles, and our comprehensive BIM library gives architects and specifiers quick access to download BIM objects in both Revit and IFC file types for all Frontrunner products.

We also have an extensive range of ancillary products, and a simple to understand guide to ordering frames and dividers.


Our friendly team is ready to help you find the perfect solution, no matter your entrance matting challenge. Get in touch with us today.

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