Plastex | Professional animal groomer? Here’s three reasons you need a grooming mat

Professional animal groomer? Here’s three reasons you need a grooming mat

Animal groomers face a myriad of challenges throughout the day: maintaining animal comfort while grooming, dealing with excess water, juggling an array of products and tools, and long periods spent standing. Here are three ways the right grooming floor mat helps to combat these challenges to make the grooming process safer for both pets and people.

Reason #1: Grooming mats help to make pets comfortable

Pets are typically kept in cages or kennels while they wait for their grooming appointments, or for their owners to collect them afterwards. But cages and kennels can be uncomfortable – all those cold surfaces, fluids from pet waste, and water bowl spillage.

This is particularly true for dogs with arthritis, injuries, disabilities, or joint problems. For these pups, lying on cold and wet floors can be painful, and an unhappy pet presents more risks than a comfortable one. Dogs need grooming mats that relieve discomfort and support their joints.

Our tips when choosing a grooming mat for comfort:

Colour is more important than you might think. Dog vision differs greatly from humans, and colours in the blue to violet range are calming for canines. These tones can reduce their stress levels and appear light without being as harsh as whites. When choosing grooming mats, kennel liners and anti-fatigue mats for dog groomers, we recommend matting in cool colours.

Most dogs prefer to stay dry. When choosing kennel liners and grooming floor mats for enclosures, look for mats that are self-draining. Good drainage makes it more comfortable for the dog to stand or lie down on while they’re getting a trim, or during a wash.

We recommend: HVD

Animals can rest or stand on our HVD mats, and the warm cushioned grooming matting provides cleanliness and comfort.

✔️ Extra smooth surface for added comfort

✔️ Two tier construction with high level of drainage

✔️ Available in calming colours, including green and blue

Reason #2: Grooming mats help to keep washing areas safe

Washing areas are often lined with metal grates with wide openings – not ideal for dogs struggling to stay stable while being scrubbed clean! Our grooming mats are a stylish, slip-resistant solution – groomers can quickly grab a mat when needed and loose lay over the metal grates.

We’re also seeing an increasing number of groomers choosing to replace the metal grates with our mats, which remain sturdy and slip resistant even when faced with large quantities of liquid.

Our tips when choosing a grooming mat to keep washing areas safe:

Prioritise hygiene. Bathing areas need to be easy to clean to minimise the risk of disease or parasites transferring between pets. Puppies and nervous pets are more prone to accidents at bath time, so it’s best to pick a mat with antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Choose a lightweight option. Our lightweight PVC grooming mats are easy to lift and move when the grooming station needs a thorough clean between animals. Plus installation is easy – you can cut and fit all of our dog grooming table mats, anti-fatigue mats for dog groomers and kennel liners on-site without any need for templating.

Make sure they’re animal-friendly. When choosing grooming mats, it’s important to make sure that they’re made from durable materials that aren’t toxic to pets. We make our grooming mats from high-quality PVC because it’s pet-safe, easy to clean and long-lasting.

We recommend: Heronrib

Heronrib does everything metal grates can in washing stations, but its certified slip resistance and cushioning make it comfortable for pets to stand on.

✔️ Easy and lightweight to lift out and clean

✔️ Flexible and contours to uneven surfaces

✔️ Antimicrobial and antifungal additives for enhanced hygiene

Reason #3: Grooming mats improve comfort and safety for groomers

When you’re on your feet all day surrounded by pooling water and hair debris, and juggling numerous products and tools, you need a mat that offers both slip resistance and fatigue support.

Our tips when choosing a grooming mat to keep groomers safe:

Quick drainage is key. Bathing an animal in a tub, washing area or station creates the potential for slip risks. When choosing a dog grooming anti-fatigue mat, opt for a non-porous construction that’s impermeable to fluids and open-grid for quick drainage.

Look for anti-fatigue properties. Standing on cold, hard surfaces for hours on end isn’t just uncomfortable – it can put you at risk of circulatory issues and fatigue. A mat with anti-fatigue benefits and cushioning will help to improve concentration and productivity, which is essential when you have a lot of appointments to get through in a day.

We recommend: Heronair

Certified slip resistant with anti-fatigue and insulating benefits, Heronair is the ultimate grooming mat.

✔️ Open grid provides excellent drainage

✔️ Tubular construction provides anti-fatigue benefits

✔️ Easy to install, simply cut to fit on site

We’re here to help

As suppliers of safety matting to some of the UK’s leading groomers and wholesalers, we understand your needs.

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