Plastex | Why Heronrib is the perfect fit for mosque ablution areas

Why Heronrib is the perfect fit for mosque ablution areas

Looking to improve safety in your ablution areas? There are three main challenges that mosques face when managing slip-risks in wet areas.

Challenge 1: Large amounts of water creates a slip hazard

At mosques around the world, worshippers perform wudu five times a day, a ceremony that involves washing the hands, face, head and feet in mosque ablution areas, before walking barefoot into the prayer area. During wudu, large volumes of water can pool onto the floor. The wudu area floors, often made of marble or ceramic floor tiles, can become slippery and dangerous for worshippers and staff when wet.

Some mosques have thousands of visitors a day, and are particularly busy during prayer time. Extensive barefoot traffic transiting through, combined with lots of water, is an accident waiting to happen.

Ablution areas need anti-slip mats that are self-draining. Specifically designed for wet areas with high barefoot traffic, Heronrib automatically self-drains thanks to its channelled underbars that allow four-way drainage – even when faced with large amounts of water.

Challenge 2: Barefoot worshippers are vulnerable to slips, discomfort and bacteria

Before entering a mosque ablution area, visitors leave their shoes at the entrance and walk around barefoot. It’s imperative that floor surfaces are not only safe to move across, but are hygienic and provide comfort for bare feet.

Heronrib’s embossed surface provides a comfortable underfoot grip, and helps to prevent slips and trips. It also helps to protect bare feet from bacterial contamination, thanks to its non-porous, flexible PVC construction with antimicrobial and antifungal additives.

Challenge 3: Mosque ablution areas must be kept clean

In mosques, hygiene and cleanliness is paramount. Ablution areas need an anti-slip solution that can be easily laid over slippery surfaces and lifted for easy maintenance and cleaning.

One-piece construction mats like Heronrib can be rolled out and cut to fit on site, making installation seamless. In addition to its four-way drainage system, Heronrib can be easily lifted and moved for cleaning, making it perfectly suited to ablution room requirements where high cleaning standards are a must.

When Dubai’s busy Easa Saleh Al Gurg mosque needed to provide 1,300 daily visitors with a safe and comfortable surface in their ablution rooms, they chose Heronrib.

The mosque's large surface space called for a slip-resistant, ablution mat that could be quickly rolled out and relayed for easy maintenance and cleaning. A comfortable surface to stand and walk on was also imperative. ​​The building material division at Intercare Ltd in Dubai recommended Heronrib to be laid in all wet areas of the mosque. Its winning combination of slip-resistance, drainage and hygiene makes it the ideal wudu area matting.

Easa Saleh Al Gurg 1

Heronrib is the best solution for mosque ablution areas

✔ Embossed surface providing grip and comfort underfoot

✔ Two-layer construction and channelled underbars

✔ Antimicrobial and antifungal additives

✔ Made from flexible, non-porous PVC

✔ Certified slip resistance

✔ Four-way drainage

✔ Excellent hygiene, easy to lift and clean

✔ Easy to cut to fit

We’re here to help

We’ve supplied anti-slip mats for mosques in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway and across the Middle East. Our friendly sales team can help you choose the best floor mat for your ablution area that will keep your worshippers and employees safe and comfortable, talk to our team today for a quote.

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