Plastex | Why you need loose laid roof walkway systems

Why a loose laid roof walkway system is the roof safety solution you’ve been looking for

Looking for roof walkway systems to help keep people safe from slips, and are durable and easy to install?

Crossgrip roof safety walkway matting is the industry leading loose laid system for new and existing roofs with tested and proven safety credentials.

Keep reading to find out how installing Crossgrip can help keep people safe when working on roofs – and protect roof membranes from dropped tools. Working on the roof of a large commercial or industrial space presents numerous safety risks.

Working on the roof of a large commercial or industrial space presents numerous safety risks. What looks like a large flat roof from the ground is actually a maze of cables, pipes, solar panels, surface units and other equipment. And when it rains, water can pool and doesn’t always dry up quickly, leading to slimy, mossy, slippery surfaces underfoot. In sub zero conditions, even the smallest amount of dew or condensation will freeze and create an icy surface underfoot! Quick drainage insures elevated safety for work crews at high levels, and a roof walkway system helps provide that.

Slippery surfaces pose a serious safety risk on roofs

Every flat roof, as well as the surface units stored on them, needs regular maintenance. That equals a steady stream of workers needing to be kept safe on their way up to and while working on the roof.

Slips and falls are a leading cause of serious workplace injury, and single ply roofing can be particularly slippery when there’s any moisture, which means that providing safe roof walkway systems is not something you want to leave unchecked on your to-do list.

Roof walkway matting not only provides extra grip underfoot for workers, it also helps protect roof membranes. While single-ply roof membranes can generally withstand light foot-traffic, it’s not advisable to walk on them without a roof safety walkway as they can become very slick when wet. Dropped tools can also cause serious damage to roof membranes, and potentially cause significant damage to the roof or ceiling of the building.

That’s why we created Crossgrip, designed to meet the most stringent safety standards

As one of the UK and Europe’s leading roof walkway systems suppliers, we've spent years perfecting our Crossgrip flat roof protection mats with safety at the forefront.

Certified slip resistant and extensively tested against wind, fire and UV, Crossgrip delivers a win-win situation: quick and easy to install while offering industry-leading safety underfoot, providing safe flat roof walkway matting for staff and workers navigating the risks of working on slippery roofs.

Crossgrip is a breeze to install and virtually maintenance free

  • No roof preparation necessary
  • Can be used on new and existing roofs
  • Install in any weather condition
  • Easy to cut to fit around obstacles
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Minimal maintenance required

Designed to be loose laid with no fixing required, Crossgrip can be installed in any weather onto the existing roof covering, even in wet conditions or on surfaces with ponding water. Supplied in lightweight rolls up to 10m, simply unroll Crossgrip where it’s needed, and voila, you have a safer flat roof walkway. The roof below doesn’t need cleaning or any additional preparation beforehand, making installation quick and easy.

Oil, chemical and alkali-resistant and naturally resistant to bacterial growth, Crossgrip is virtually maintenance free, and a durable and effective roof walkway system for improving safety underfoot for any commercial or industrial flat roof.

When Crossgrip PVC was installed at a new IKEA on the outskirts of Berlin, installation was so seamless that roofing contractor Dachland Berlin laid 700 metres of rooftop matting to mark out safe walkways for maintenance staff in just one day.

Which Crossgrip roof walkway system is right for your roof?

Our Crossgrip flat roof protection mats and roof walkway systems are designed for all types of flat roofs.

All of our Crossgrip mats come in a range of colours, including yellow for high visibility roof safety walkways and remain stable in high winds.

Get in touch to find the right roof safety solution for you

For over 30 years running, Crossgrip has woven thousands of kilometres of safe, effective flat roof walkway systems. Send our expert team a message below, or order a Crossgrip sample here. We’re always here to help – that’s why we’re one of the leading roof walkway systems suppliers in the UK and Europe.

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