How do you help keep production line workers free from fatigue when standing for prolonged periods of time?

A family-owned produce farm in the east of England needed to find a slip-resistant surface solution that would help protect their standing employees from injury and fatigue.

The problem

Alan Bartlett and Sons is a family-owned company specialising in the large scale supply of carrots and parsnips. The crops are grown on its own farms and then processed and packed at a state-of-the-art factory at Chatteris in Cambridgeshire. The workers handling the produce were spending long hours standing on the chequer plate metal floor that surrounded the production lines, resulting in fatigue and discomfort. The floor was also a slip hazard when wet.

The checklist

  • Sits flush against machinery and production lines
  • Provides anti-fatigue properties and comfort underfoot
  • Quickly drains and dissipates spilled liquids
  • Can be easily rolled up for daily cleaning
  • Supplied in long rolls and provides a one piece covering

The solution

We recommended Vynagrip, our hard-wearing matting that delivers both slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties. The two-layer construction provides comfortable cushioning, plus anti-fatigue properties proven to help boost productivity. Certified slip resistant, it has a diamond cut pattern for excellent grip underfoot, and an open grid for fast drainage and fall through.

The mat's non-porous PVC construction is naturally resistant to bacteria growth, making it ideal for workplaces where food is being processed. Easy to cut to fit on site, Vynagrip sits flush against the processing lines and provides a seamless one-piece covering.

At a glance


Alan Bartlett and Sons


A slip resistant surface that provides anti-fatigue properties and comfort underfoot.


Cambridgeshire, UK

“This matting has really helped to overcome the problems our factory team was facing. We were getting reports that it was uncomfortable for them having to stand for long periods so we needed to find something that would make it more comfortable. This matting has worked really well. It’s also safer and reduces the risk of slipping, which is another great benefit.”
Chris Peacock, factory manager

Product spotlight


Our number one defence against slippery environments, Vynagrip is a heavy-duty mat that delivers both slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties.

Flexible formats:
Choose from modules with ramped PVC edging or rolls in standard widths and 10m lengths

Simple installation: Easy to cut on site; contours to uneven surfaces

Easy to maintain: No special cleaning tools needed; easy to clean with a high pressure hose

Vynagrip 02
Diamond Cut Pattern
Diamond cut pattern
Slip Resistant
Certified slip resistant (DIN 51130: R11, ASTM 1677: 1.0/0.9)
Open Grid
Two layer open-grid construction
Excellent Drainage
Excellent drainage (DIN 51130: V10)
Made From Non Porous PVC
Made from non-porous PVC
Chemical Oil And Acid Resistant
Chemical, oil and acid resistant
Anti Fatigue
Proven anti-fatigue properties
Boosts Productivity
Boosts productivity
Comes In Rolls And Modules
Comes in 10m (33') rolls or ramped modules
Contours To Uneven Surfaces
Contours to uneven surfaces

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